Above average

My break between classes today was the ideal time to take advantage of the above average temperatures outside. From my bench on the campus I had a good view into the churchyard next door and the diffused autumn light on the foliage, both distant and near. My aim was to capture, in paint, the glowing foliage and the branches of the trees which always look darker in contrast with the yellow leaves. I started my sketch by putting in lots of loosely defined areas of yellow, dropping colour into areas wet with clear water. As I built up the layers of foliage I also added in trunks and branches, darkening them in places where they wove in and out of leaves. I know these Indian Summer days are numbered, so best to get out there while I can.


21 Comments on “Above average”

  1. Eirini Demetelin says:



  2. I love your technique, colors and wonderful scene choices. Your paper takes water wonderfully, what is it? best! deborah


  3. Monique says:

    Reminds me so much of here..just up two streets!
    The lights are amazing.


  4. Ross says:

    Great sketch of the cemetery… l love the shapes and shading with the headstones.
    But what I like even more is that the mind-control techniques that I have been using on you are still working… I am quite impressed that even though we live so far apart, I can still successfully use these through my comments… refer to my comment from Sept 11. Were you even aware that I was manipulating your mind? : )


  5. Chris Kopet says:



  6. Jane Hannah says:

    Thank you Shari for the how-to steps… very appreciated as this is exactly what I needed to hear… and see -)))


  7. george smith says:

    I,m new with watercolors and not very good. However, I,m not new at creative visual and have learned to appreciate more, have learned more, and grasped many of your fundametal concepts. People who give so much and share so enthusiatically are rare. By the way, your paintings are wonderful to view. Thanks


  8. Chris Rusk says:

    Beautiful. The colours on the monuments are really nice. Great depth of field. You brought me ‘there’.


  9. Joan says:

    Just lovely. I can almost smell the crisp air and hear the leaves rustling. I do love the fall season.


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