I tried drawing the students in the cafeteria today but they just moved around too much. You know that feeling, when you just need to draw something easy (although circles are never easy for me). I had to pick something immobile, something small and not too challenging. I know this looks much more like a garbage can than a coffee cup but it was the simplest thing to draw in the cafeteria and I bought it at the student-run café which is always a worthy cause.


5 Comments on “Coffee/can”

  1. lynnbowes says:

    I am such a fan of everyday objects in artwork and when that’s what’s in front of you and it’s all you’ve got, perfect! Love the simplicity of your subject and the treatment of it.


  2. Eleanor Brown says:

    This doesn’t concern this sketch but I had to let you know I just bought three of your ” Mostly Montreal” book. I have friends , born Montrealers, who are going to be delighted receiving these books from me this coming holiday. Thanks for the help! I love them!!
    Eleanor Brown


  3. Joan says:

    I agree, take note of the everyday objects, the things we take for granted and tend to overlook.
    Did anyone think to draw/sketch the rotary dial phone? The phone booths that had a seat & a door that closed for privacy? Ubiquitous items that are no longer a part of the everyday, but things I once thought of as commonplace. Gone.


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