The city reveals itself

This year I haven’t been able to paint a lunchtime panorama (from the 5th floor of my school) like I’ve done in previous years. The trees, when fully leafed out, have just grown too high. Fortunately we’ve had some wind this past week, some trees are bare and now I see the city again. I tried to paint a big dramatic sky but a double-paged spread of the sketchbook (16″ across), even if I prewet it, dries before I can get the brush across it. Guess I need a bigger brush for this!


16 Comments on “The city reveals itself”

  1. sharot says:

    Like it. I like painting too…


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Who does not love seeing the tops of a city or town? This is wonderful.


  3. Ross says:

    Looking good! And, you don’t need a new brush, you just need more practice… you’ve been slipping lately. : )


    • No, not a new brush (although usually any excuse will do for a new brush). Just a bigger brush.


      • Ross says:

        OK, bigger not new. BTW, the pedantic Spelling Police would like to comment on your use of the word “prewet” which isn’t in their dictionary (although you may have some quirky Canadian dictionary that you use)… “prewet” (pru-it) sounds like a bird that inhabits marshes. Perhaps, in future, for your world-wide following, you could try hyphenating… as in “pre-wet”. : )


      • You are not the first Ross. Even WordPress tried warning me about that one, but instead of clicking on “Cancel” and fixing it like I usually do, I clicked on “ok” and the post was published anyway. And since I never went back and fixed it, it comes back to haunt me…


  4. Anders says:

    I had a lovely experience today, and when I get home I check your blog and I see beauty and delicacy… What a day!!! Lovely watercolor. Feel like meditating over it… you’re right… revelation is the word here!!! Peace!


  5. Tracey says:

    Your book arrived today and it’s a wonderful compilation of my favourites! I put it down at halfway so I can savour it. Congrats!


  6. Shari – your book arrived a couple of days ago and I’m carrying it around with me like a small child with a favorite teddy bear. Your work gives me both comfort and inspiration to follow my own heart’s longing. Thank you for this – it’s a gift and I treasure it.


  7. Joan says:

    You never disappoint…always something lovely to look at. I love the up high view of things even tho heights make me woozy….


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