Leaving The Point

For the past three years one of my very favourite sketching locations has been the area around the convent of the Congrégation de Nôtre-Dame in Pointe-Claire. I’ve sketched St. Joachim Church more times than I can count, the presbytery, the trees and the statues nearby. I’ve sketched the site from far and from near. You can imagine my sadness when I found out this summer that in December the few remaining nuns in the convent will be moving out of the location their order has been inhabiting for 230 years. The greystone building sits on a spit of land (locals call it The Point) that juts out into Lac St. Louis, right next to the historical windmill that I’ve sketched many times as well. For me there are also some memorable sketching experiences that happened in the very same spot I sat today. There was the time a man asked me to take his photo for an online dating service, the time I spoke to one of the nuns who seemed to know more about me than she should have, and the time when the wind shook my car so fiercely I thought I might blow right into the lake. For now The Point—deemed a heritage site in 2013—will remain intact. I just hope I don’t show up there one day, sketchbook in hand, and find condos in the spot where the greystone used to be.

27 Comments on “Leaving The Point”

  1. Ross says:

    That’s good… although you failed to mention that there were also many parking infringements at this site… and, my recollection of the guy asking you to take his photo, was that it was a fairly blatant pick-up technique which you seemed completely oblivious to… and wasn’t there also something about being pursued by nuns?

    • Ross, you seem to have a better memory than me of the details of these incidents. Don’t you wonder if the online dating guy was successful in finding a mate because of my great photo?

      • Ross says:

        I think your memory is good… you just try to forget some things.
        As for your on-line dater, I think he learned his lesson about trying to pick up Urban Sketchers… they are just too preoccupied with their work to take much notice about what is going on around them. And to prove my point, you are still thinking the the aim of his approach was to get the photo… Shari, YOU were the aim of the approach… do you understand now?
        And as for your “great” photo? Based on your past performance with photography, I think he would have deleted it as soon as he left you… and started looking for another female photographer. : )

  2. TR Duncan says:

    beautiful Shari, in all ways. Thank you for continuing to inspire me.

  3. Ruth says:

    This area is so familiar to me, and often a destination for a walk. I, like you, would never want to see it replaced ! You have captured it to perfection, and for those of us who have lived in the area for years it is pure nostalgia. Thank you !

    • It’s really a popular destination for walkers and also for people taking photos. Even on the coldest days there are people walking on The Point, despite the winds that blow there. I’m usually in the shelter of my car so I guess you are braver than me if you’re out there on the cold days.

  4. Linda Daily says:

    Once again you have captured the beauty of greys…. you seem an expert at that palette.
    I also love your handling of the trees on each side. It sounds like a very special place.

    • Thanks Linda. This is a very special place that I really only discovered when I started sketching. The greys are the classic combo of Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna with a little bit of everything else thrown in.

  5. really nice, I like your job. I seems to be so simple … but not

  6. Carolyn Smith says:

    What a beautiful story. Thanks again for the daily

  7. Monique says:

    My childhood friend married there to the man I introduced her to:-)

  8. Chris Kopet says:

    Thank you telling us the story of such a lovely and historic place – and thank you for capturing the spirit of the place in your wonderful sketches.

  9. kari says:

    I enjoy your integration of memories with the places you sketch, the addition of a dimension beyond mere loveliness.

  10. Heather W says:

    It’s a lovely painting. It is nice that you have so many fond memories of that spot. I imagine you have many stories about all the various places you have drawn and painted in.

  11. dezabaleta says:

    Fantastic watercolor !

    Regards from Spain

  12. Andrea says:

    I have never traveled much and so I have never been to this area but your painting created feelings of melancholy, peacefulness and memories long past. I truly cherish this look of older buildings and statues. Knowing it’s seen things and people that are no longer with us and it continues to do so. Your painting is truly wonderful and evoking.

  13. drawandshoot says:

    Fantastic colours, Shari. They truly express the autumn. I hope condos don’t end up there too!

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