Moving in

It’s that time in the season when I start looking for indoor locations to sketch. The greenhouse in Westmount is always a good spot because there are café tables and chairs among the plants, and even though they usually need to be dried off, they provide a good place to set up. If you close your eyes — in that humid environment, filled with the sound of dripping water and the scent of warm vegetation — you might imagine yourself in a tropical setting. That also means that it takes forever for a wash to lose its sheen, so come prepared to spend a bit of time and smell the roses while your paper dries.


7 Comments on “Moving in”

  1. carolyn jones says:

    With all those green shapes it is amazing you didn’t get lost. But it all comes together and looks fabulous!


  2. I enjoy your beautiful sketches! Wondering what your basic paint choices are.


  3. anne farmer says:

    Love the dark diamond shapes where the leaves overlap


  4. Lynn Holbein says:

    Such a great use of negative spaces.

    What is the average amount of time you spend on each of your paintings, Shari?


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