In the middle of it

Sketching in the little town next to Playa Manuel Antonio brought back memories of the first Urban Sketchers Symposium I attended in Santo Domingo. I drew this while standing on the sidewalk, buses and taxis and cars honking, vendors shouting all around, tourists crossing in front of me on their way to the National Park and the sun blazing down — much like drawing in front of the market in Santo Domingo. I remember how nervous I was the first time I tried to sketch in the middle of this noisy chaos. I couldn’t imagine how all these Urban Sketchers were able to tune it all out and to focus on the lines they wanted to put down on paper. It seemed thrilling and marvelous and unimaginable to me. It became easier in Barcelona at the next Symposium I attended. And then while drawing this I realized that it has become second nature to stand in a crowd and draw. The nervous jitters are gone and all that is left is the thrill of standing in the middle of the chaos and trying to capture some of it on paper.


10 Comments on “In the middle of it”

  1. Elaine Archambault says:

    Interesting how I can picture you sketching at the corner , all this because of the wonderful Market sketch with receding buildings, cars, people, parasols the street and colors.
    Makes for a great perspective, you can fell yourself walking into the marketplace
    Merry Vacation day!


  2. Sharon Smith says:

    Practice makes perfect. Hope you have some time for art,and creativity in your day.Even if it is how you dress,draw or take a photo. Sending love ,hope and courage.. Facing the page of white is the challenge. May you have the strength to face all your challenges with courage. Sending love light and laughter. XOXO Sharon


  3. Frank Bettendorf says:

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts, I hope you’ll continue. My first reaction after the composition was to the change in your “southern” palette. Real eye-grabbing. I’m learning from observing, many thanks.
    Frank B


  4. Isn’t it fun to draw in the middle of the madness? It can get addictive 🙂 Really good practice for sketching in Asia is what I’m thinking!


  5. Love the loose and playful line work in this.


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