Bathers at Beisanz

You really have to know someone or be a local to find Playa Beisanz. Walk two kilometres down from the main road and when you see a path and a small opening into the rainforest through a cut in the barbed wire fence, you know you are on the right track. Pass the howler monkeys and a sloth or two, and when you smell the meat cooking on the portable grills, you know you are there. Well maybe the grills are just for Christmas day celebrations. I’m not sure. The beach is small, the bay is calm and the scene under the trees is like something from a Gauguin painting, except with grandmas and babies. And when the last of the feast has been consumed, it’s time for a swim.


14 Comments on “Bathers at Beisanz”

  1. Missy Walsh-Smith says:

    The color of the water just draws me right in! I’m enjoying your CR paintings! What a great winter vacation! Watch out for those falling coconuts:)


  2. Janice Kelly says:

    What a special, secret place for an artist to view and then capture so beautifully the spirit of the scene.


  3. Linda says:

    I love how you captured the foliage, on the left. But the rocks! I can picture myself climbing on those, sitting, and enjoying the sun and scenery!


  4. Sharon Smith says:

    Jen might find this interesting!


  5. munchmeister says:

    Très bien ! It is 8 degrees F. in Colorado ! Beautiful but COLD. Wish I were at that beach !


  6. Orit says:

    Wow Shari! So very beautiful.


  7. kasperart says:

    Wow! The matching colors merge into one another just perfectly, love the looseness of painting in this one. 🙂


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