The big rock

I’ve sketched and painted this big rock three times since I arrived in Costa Rica (I’ll post the paintings when I get home and can scan them) and I’ve realized a few things about using it as a subject. 1: I always need to add a few people to give it scale. 2: It’s so big that it’s really hard not to have it in the middle of the page. That’s difficult for me since I often compose using the rule of thirds. Fortunately there’s so much going on in the rock itself that it’s not just a dark shape in the centre of the page.


14 Comments on “The big rock”

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Shari. Even though the rock might be central in terms of measurement it doesn’t read that way at all. To my eye, the way you’ve balanced the ‘extra ‘ rocks on the right with the people on the left (together with the greens on either side) makes it read perfectly. As others have intimated before me, you are The Rock Queen! Best wishes for 2015. Tony


  2. Ross says:

    While I agree that it is a big rock (which I can see by the size of the people), I have to question your statement that “It’s so big that it’s really hard not to have it in the middle of the page”… really? You couldn’t draw it a bit smaller and to one side of the sheet… or get a bigger sheet of paper? It is lucky that the rock isn’t any bigger or it just wouldn’t fit on the paper at all? : )


  3. betsy angene says:

    Lovely painting. What brand sketchbook are you using? And size.


  4. Shari,
    How fun to be in Costa Rica this time of year. I am sure you are enjoying the warm weather. I think this is lovely. The shape and the details of the rocks off set the centrality of the composition. There is enough going on to create some asymmetry to it.


  5. Lee Kline says:

    This must be on the Pacific side. My own Costa Rica album on Flickr is at: Not trying to intrude. Just sharing our wonderful time there a few years back. Stay as long as you can, friend.


    • Yes, I am on the Pacific side Lee. And you are not intruding. I looked quickly at the Flickr album but it’s hard to see on my phone. I will have a beetter look when I get back to my big screen. I know I will love reading all your notes which I definitely can’t do on the phone.


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