Sketchcrawl in Quepos

One of the most wonderful aspects of is knowing that in almost every place you go in the world there will be other sketchers you can connect with. I was very excited when Costa Rican sketcher Isabel Niehaus (have a look at her wonderful sketches here) contacted me a few days ago and drove down to Quepos from San Jose to sketch with me.We were joined on our outing by my friend Aislin, our unofficial guide, as well as a student in landscape architecture.

With its colourful buildings and busy street life, the town of Quepos has no end of sketchable scenes. We found a low concrete wall to sit on, and from there we had a great view of the end of day light on the buildings. And of course we had to end our sketchcrawl by lining up all the sketches on the street and taking a photo.





26 Comments on “Sketchcrawl in Quepos”

  1. Janice Kelly says:

    One of the lovely things about being an urban sketcher (which I hope you’ll teach me to be, she nags) is that you get to meet other artists and passers-by and also appreciate your surroundings in so much more depth than taking a photograph. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday and the very best for 2015.


    • I love meeting people when I’m sketching. That is one if the best things about sitting in the middle of a street. You can observe so much more street life. And thanks so much for the new year’s wishes. I wish you all the best.


  2. Linda Daily says:

    I have enjoyed your vacation sketches. It is always so much fun to meet up with fellow sketchers when traveling. Now I know who ‘iss izzy’ is! Love her colorful sketch bag!


  3. jan says:

    Shari, what size and brand of sketchbook are you using here?


  4. Janice Kelly says:

    Tried to find Niehaus on Google but strange results. Anone have her url please?


  5. Ross says:

    After all these years I am still amazed that you guys can go out into busy streets and sketch… very impressive!
    I am also amazed that all those people from Montreal drove there cars with the strangely-located wheels all the way to Costa Rica… they seem to follow you around. : )


    • Ross, after all these years I take great pride in my lopsided cars. If they looked good, what would you comment on?


      • Ross says:

        Shari, you are right (as always)… if you ever did manage to draw cars well, I would be more restricted in my commenting… probably limited to the wheelbarrow that doesn’t move, illegal parking habits, changing your mind about sketching materials, not drawing people often enough, your descriptions not matching your sketches, complaining about the cold (when you choose to live in Montreal), inability to paint large things on small pieces of paper, avoiding self portraits, your fear of self portraits, painting in a car studio, being too hard on yourself, being too critical of me, not paying me for my amazing contribution to this blog, etc, etc… do I need to continue?


      • No, I don’t think you need to continue. That list seems long enough as is.


  6. sgryn says:

    Enjoying your sketches of CR. Happy New Year. Good health and sketches in the upcoming year. BTW, temperatures are going to be brutally cold this upcoming week. Just saying.


  7. george smith says:

    Nice sketch, ditto the watercolor treatment. You always seem to know what to leave out, and that engages the mind even more. I”m catching on – I think. Make the new year bright, keep the paintings loose and enjoy each and every chance to create. It’s a rare gift.


  8. Lee Kline says:

    What a rich experience. I am envious.


  9. Awesome stuff; I think there needs to just be a Shari Blaukopf World Tour!


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