I  haven’t gone to a life drawing sessions in eons, but there is no more relaxing way to spend a few hours. When you are drawing the model, all extraneous thoughts disappear from your head and you are totally in the moment. At least for me. Sarah was a great model, holding this pose for four hours (with breaks). In that time I painted her twice, but this one turned out better because of the lighting. Painted on a quarter sheet of BFK Rives, which I think is a printmaking paper. It’s very soft but quite wonderful to work on.


44 Comments on “Sarah”

  1. Ross Sutherland says:

    I am doing a lot of figurative drawing and painting also, so I feel qualified to tell you this is really wonderful….

  2. Georgia Spanos says:

    Lovely You are a natural with your watercolors. Georgia

  3. Mary says:

    Gorgeous work from a live model – wow, you inspire me to get back to life drawing sessions!

  4. I decided to also try life drawing again . . . this is lovely!

  5. Ross says:

    I’m impressed… the painting is soooo good! This is a much more sensible thing to be doing when it is cold outside.

  6. You inspire me every day, Shari!!

  7. Kelly Purcell says:

    Wow really impressive Shari !

  8. Monique says:

    Oh she must have adored it!

  9. Dominique Gaillard says:

    Shari, It was wondeful to have you join our Live Model at Georges-Vanier, (Atelier 4/8 I named it because we do some 4 hour sessions and sometimes 8 hour ones). I was especially pleased to finally meet you in person and see you in action as I’ve been for quite some time a fervent follower and admirer of your blog and other production you publish. Your interpretation of Sarah turned out splendid, she’s beaming with flowing energy (she’s a dancer). Hope to see you again. Btw the long pose at UQAM I spoke to you about will be held on Tuesdays 6-9 p.m. and not on Wednesdays as initially planed.

    • Hi Dominique. It was great to meet you and find the sessions. Sarah was a wonderful model and I had a feeling she was a dancer by the way she posed. I am really glad to have found these sessions and I will see you again soon. Thanks for adding me to the mailing list.

      • Dominique Gaillard says:

        You’re most welcome Shari.
        Please note that the long pose sessions I mentioned at UQAM are no longer on Wednesdays but on Tuesdays 6-9 p.m., Judith Jasmin Building, 7th floor, # J7130.
        Ps: always looking forward to your next little gémi 🐙

      • Dominique Gaillard says:

        You’re most welcome Shari.
        Please note that the long pose sessions I mentioned at UQAM are no longer on Wednesdays but on Tuesdays 6-9 p.m., Judith Jasmin Building, 7th floor, # J7130.
        Ps: always looking forward to your next little gem 🐙

  10. Dee says:

    Really nice. Our models think they have been tortured if they go beyond 25 minutes..ha! She IS a good model!

  11. stardeeksha says:

    Hi 🙂 I’ve been religiously following your blog for a while now and appreciate your work immensely. However this one is really outstanding. Right from anatomy, to light and shadows and the flow of paint. Its perfect 🙂

  12. Hi Shari
    As usually you handle so good your colours! They ate so neat.
    And now your figures, really top!

  13. I agree, Shari. I am only just back to regular(ish) figure drawing from a model for a few weeks now after a long break and it is really wonderful. It’s not so much that drawing posed figures will be the focus of my work in the near future, but it’s just that when I am drawing the figure fluidly, I am much more confident in all I draw.

  14. Can you show us a picture of your traveling art supplies?

  15. croquedessin says:

    Fantastic, impressive, beautiful !

  16. TonyU says:

    Hi Shari.Totally agree re the total escapism aspect … nothing better for forgetting everything else. Great model, great pose, great composition and great painting … despite so long since your last time. Scarey to think how good you’ll be once you get the hang of it! Best, Tony

    • Thanks so much Tony. Do you go to life drawing too?

      • Tony says:

        Hi Shari. As often as possible and for all the reasons that have been mentioned. I love the short poses – anything from 1 to 5 mins – and continuous movement. Line and wash gesture stuff really I guess. But unfortunately anything longer than 15 mins just makes me overwork things. Getting it right or wrong straight off obviously suits me better than anything that requires patience or technique! Hope you’re going to be posting more life drawings for us to see. Best, Tony

      • I was directed to your life drawings by a mutual friend. They’re wonderful. I hope to be doing more of this too. I found a place right near my home and it takes place on an afternoon when I am free. So I hope to be posting more of them.

  17. tmikeporter says:

    I have started going to a life drawing studio for all the reasons you share and I am using my wc, too.

  18. Alberta Smith says:

    Sarah is an unexpected and lovely surprise! I am inspired by the many variations in skin tone you have used in such an effective way. Thanks for sharing your work and your thoughts.

  19. Isszzy says:

    Wonderful painting!
    I had something similar in mind of a woman I met at the beach, but I very much doubt it would turn out as beautifully as yours!

    • Thanks so much Isabel. It was tempting when I was in Costa Rica to ask people on the beach to pose for me, but I am always reluctant to do that. I had to settle for quick sketches instead.

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