Ghost boats

There’s not much to paint in my neighbourhood these days. Let’s see — there’s either snow, or more snow, or objects with snow on them. And then good luck trying to find a place to park to sketch these snow scenes, since the snow hasn’t been cleared everywhere. It took some searching but I finally found a parking lot at the boat club where a plow had passed by. When the snow is falling the lights and darks are closer together on the value scale, but this little arrangement of ghost boats provided some interesting shapes and contrast.


20 Comments on “Ghost boats”

  1. Ross says:

    That is very cool. I was beginning to think you had forgotten how to post.
    How did you do the white-speckled falling snow?

    • I was beginnng to think I had forgotten how to post too.
      For the snowflakes I used a very stiff brush that I dipped in white paint and splattered with my thumb. Lots of fun.

      • Ross says:

        That is a bit random for you, isn’t it? With that method you can’t control where the snowflakes fall… perhaps a metaphor for life?

      • That is a bit random for me but I tested it on scrap paper first and I like the randomness of it. Let’s not get into metaphors. I seem to remember last time I did that you gave me a hard time. I believe it had something to do with a sponge.

      • Ross says:

        The sponge was all about symbols… not metaphors. Now, I don’t have a problem with either symbols or metaphors… if they are well done… which was the real problem with the sponge-symbol post. And it just doesn’t compare to my brilliant “you can’t control where the snowflakes fall” metaphor. Just trying to add a bit of depth to you blog. : )

      • I just have one question for you Ross. How much do you really know about snowflakes?

      • Ross says:

        There are many different ways that I could answer that question… here are a few:

        1. Every time it snows here I go outside and conduct experiments on the randomness of falling snowflakes.

        2. Not much from personal experience… but then, what would Stephen Hawking know about the universe from his personal experience being confined to a wheelchair and an almost non-functioning body?

        3. I feel that you are having difficulty expressing your feelings about how good you think my metaphor is. [the amateur psychologist returns]

        4. Forget the snow… was the parking lot at the boat club for public use or just for the patrons of the club?

      • I think I’ll just respond to 4. In the winter, I don’t think they care much who parks at the boat club. Actually this club is public, so I’m probably good to park there in the summer too.

  2. Amazing watercolor. Love the style!

  3. Richard says:

    This is very nice Shari. But sorry to be out of focus with snow : I am struggling with palm trees in Costa Rica and a lot of “Houses in Shade” too, trying to grab few things from your own sketches and advices that you gave few weeks ago ! Thank you for all that.

  4. Shari, the falling snow: gouache?

    • Titanium White watercolour, straight out of tube onto a damp,very stiff brush and then speckled with my thumb. You can use an old toothbrush too. I don’t suppose you’ll need it much for snow but I’m sure you’ll find another use for it.

      • thanks Shari. Oh, and my ‘Mostly Montreal’ book just arrived. Saving it for the weekend!

      • Thanks so much for buying the book Suhita. And I guess books are crossing each other on this continent because I just received my copy of the Don Andrews figure painting book. It came all the way from Powell’s in Portland. I’m saving that for the weekend too.

  5. Great painting, I think you’ve captured some really nice shadow situations underneath the boats.. Do you use masking fluid for the snowflakes in the air?

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