I really enjoyed reading the responses to my question from last week about the ideal time for a pose in figure drawing. Some people felt that twenty minutes was good because any longer than that and they would add in too many details. Others thought the half-hour pose was perfect, and a few wrote that at least an hour was necessary to have time to really study the figure and experiment a bit more. I also liked the point that Dominique Gaillard made (she runs the figure drawing sessions at both Centre Georges Vanier and UQAM) which was that the more practice you’ve had, the less time you need. Makes perfect sense. I briefly considered working on a smaller size sheet today but it just didn’t seem right to try to cram all of Johane onto a postcard-size piece of paper. Canson Moulin du Roi, size: 12″ x 16″.


9 Comments on “Johane”

  1. TR Duncan says:

    so talented…. you get the scale right and then the color is brilliant…. thank you for sharing your gifts with us.


  2. Something about what you did with the strands of hair on her head that made this come alive for me…nice, soft and dreamy.


  3. Linda Daily says:

    The composition, the sense of light, the color harmony….I could just go on! Just splendid!


  4. karinakuschnir says:

    Great post, as always, Shari!


  5. Marc Lépine says:

    About the ideal time for a pose.
    I prefer short poses because they are usually more dynamic. The models keep a dynamic pose they could not keep longer than a few minutes. Longer poses are usually seated or lying poses and they are less interesting. For me five minutes poses are the longest I like. Often the one or two minutes poses are my best ones. Pencil, few touches of watercolor, white gouache on a colored paper.

    Marc Lépine


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