Save the date for Stewart Hall

It’s going to be a busy spring/summer for Urban Sketchers Montreal (I admit I am happily looking forward to anything with the word summer in it). In May we have Draw me a Mountain, a sketch day and exhibition on Mount Royal and now I’m happy to announce a similar event for early summer. On July 5, Urban Sketchers Montreal has been invited to a sketch day and exhibition at Stewart Hall — Pointe-Claire’s Cultural Centre situated in a gorgeous historic mansion on the shore of Lake St-Louis. It is an absolutely stunning spot to sketch, in all seasons! Together with Marc Taro Holmes, Jane Hannah and Raynald Murphy, I will be exhibiting sketchbooks and framed works from July 5 to August 30 in the Project Room of the Stewart Hall Gallery. Everyone is invited to sketch with us on that day and display sketches in a group vernissage at the end of the day. Hopefully the weather will be great, and all the snow that I sketched on the grounds this morning will be gone. More details to follow soon.


13 Comments on “Save the date for Stewart Hall”

  1. loyolife says:

    Love your sketch, it’s so peaceful


  2. Monique says:

    A familiar sight..You really captured it so well!


  3. Mary says:

    I love this one – especially that tree in the foreground – absolutely beautiful! I like the drawing, the texture, the shadows, and the warmth of it in contrast to the cold snow. Bravo – another winner!


  4. Ross says:

    I decided to comment on this one rather than “Farm Melt” which was very good but got too busy with all those comments.
    I really like these little snow scenes and particularly the modelling of the tree branches… which I should add are very different to the branches in FM.


    • Yes, Farm Melt was really messy. You wouldn’t want to get involved in all that.
      I did enjoy painting the branches in both of these. I guess you don’t have too many trees that look like this in Australia, unless they are dead.


      • Ross says:

        On the contrary, last time I looked that is pretty much what our trees looked like… trunks on the bottom, sitting on the ground and branches on top…


  5. Dee says:

    Love the promise of future warmth in those shrubs.. It has been a hard winter. I LOVE this painting!


  6. Jane Hannah says:

    I love it Shari and it will be nice sketching in the West Island and closer to home -)))


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