Head and shoulders

If I lived in Kitchener, Ontario, I would be heading straight to THEMUSEUM to see Getting Naked, an exhibition of more than 120 nudes from the Canada Council Art Bank collection. It looks like a really interesting show of works that aren’t often on display, and if you want to read a little about it, there’s a good review in the Globe and Mail. It might have helped to see the show before yesterday’s model session when I struggled to paint Christian. This week, instead of trying to draw the whole body, I focused on his head and shoulders. It seemed like a more manageable goal in the thirty minutes that I had.


6 Comments on “Head and shoulders”

  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks Shari, a point of interest… I actually worked for the summer in Kitchener and Stratford cataloguing those works for the Canada Council Art Bank back in 1972!


  2. Ross says:

    Your faces are really improving. How was the likeness?


  3. melisnorth says:

    Lovely sketch, you’ve really nailed the skintones.


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