Twelve minutes with Johane

One of my favourite models at life drawing is Johane because she looks like a model from a Toulouse Lautrec painting. It might be the way she piles her hair on top of her head, or maybe the curve of her nose — I’m not sure — but she’s an excellent model who probably has some dance training, judging by the way she holds herself. I haven’t been to life drawing in four weeks, and that made my painting a little bit rusty. I was happier with my three-minute pencil drawings today.





17 Comments on “Twelve minutes with Johane”

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Shari. Love all four of these. Maybe you should miss a few classes a bit more often. Life drawing for me tomorrow as well – looking forward to it as always. Best, Tony


  2. This is lovely.


  3. These are lovely…very much like Toulouse Lautrec indeed! Would love to see your painted version, too.


    • Thanks Susan. The painted version was really not for the blog. Very wishy washy… If I post something like that I would really regret it because I’d have to look at it again and I’d rather not.


  4. Stan says:

    Do you work small like your sketchbook drawings?


  5. Shari, these drawings remind me that I have to get back to open sessions with live models here at the Art Students League of Denver. Nice work. Dennis R. Pendleton


    • There’s nothing like life drawing. I just started going regularly this year and I really love it. I don’t always have good results but I enjoy every minute of it. You should certainly go. The studios there are so beautiful.


  6. rebecca says:

    I miss life drawing classes….nice to have the connection of Toulouse Lautrec, I see it, these are lovely.


  7. Indeed ! Your drawing, and Johane, they do make me remember a book I had about Toulouse Lautrec… and I saw some of them at Musée d’Orsay in Paris.


    • I saw that room at the Musée d’Orsay too. The dimly lit one with the drawings was my favorite, but then I like everything about that museum, including the cafe with the big clock.


  8. Jeff Gold says:

    Beautiful drawings. The first one is particularly Lautrec-esque. Also, very nice cropping. What size are these? Three minutes each? Well done!


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