May Day on Clark and St. Viateur

Another dome — this time the Church of St. Michael and St. Anthony in the Mile End district. It felt like a bit of a celebration to be sketching today. I was sitting on a bench for the first outdoor sketch of the season and the streets were packed with pedestrians, out walking during lunchtime and enjoying the day on outdoor terraces. This combo of Byzantine style Polish church next to the blue and white service station are exactly what Mile End is all about —a mishmash of immigrant history since this is where every ethnic group used to settle first when they arrived in Montreal. Now that Ubisoft is located around the corner it’s more of a hipster hangout and the housing in untouchable, but it’s still one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Montreal.


10 Comments on “May Day on Clark and St. Viateur”

  1. Tony says:

    Love the painting – but so disappointed to read that the beautifully rendered blue and white building is a lowly service station.


  2. Billie says:

    I can not tell you how much I enjoy your paintings. One day, I will pick up a paint brush too….not sure what keeps holding me back. Anyway, do you have any videos showing how you go about YOUR style? Thank you so much for sharing your daily works of life.


    Sent from my iPad



    • Hi Billie, Thanks so much for writing. I do have a video coming out really soon, probably within the next month. Of course I will announce it here on the blog. Maybe that is what you need to get started… My advice is not to be overly ambitious at first. Start small. Set a goal for yourself like draw or paint for 15 minutes every day and try to stick to that. You may be surprised by how far that gets you.


  3. Andre Savard. says:

    Its a very intesting view and as for the garage, well in thèse days service stations had a art deco style. the composition is very good, Today, gaz bars and dépanneurs are very cold very bright but no style.


    • Yes, I need to find out a bit more about that service station. It’s one of those places you don’t really notice until you start to draw but I did enjoy discovering it.


  4. Ross says:

    Just looked more closely at this one on a larger screen and was interested to see your 17 different pencil-attempts to get the shape of the dome right… they (domes) can be a real pain!


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