Shape shifters

I missed launch day at the Pointe Claire Yacht Club by one day. It was actually yesterday but that’s ok — there’s still a reason to celebrate today because the boats are in the water for the summer. As I was sketching today I thought a bit about why I love painting boats. Yes, the shapes are complex and a challenge to draw so that is one of the reasons. But the other thing I love is that it’s a scene that’s in constant flux. The boats are always moving slightly in the water, bobbing and turning with the waves. And as the wind shifts, the reflections change too. It’s a scene that is never the same when you pick up your head. The way I paint boats is to work from big to small. First all the larger shapes — hulls, sky, water, sail covers. Then lots of smaller shapes like windows, masts and reflections. And the final step is the complex network of tiny dark shapes that give the complexity to the scene — ropes, flags, lines, dots and tiny spots.



13 Comments on “Shape shifters”

  1. Man, your work is beautiful. Woo! Happy Sunday/Mothers Day, whichever suits you best!


  2. This is exquisite


  3. Janice Kelly says:

    Hi Shari. Think you have captured, so well, the mystique of sailboats. Super sketches – paintings.
    And you’re right, they’re a real challenge to draw.


  4. andre savard says:

    I love you red boat réflection on the water and the perspective view of the other scène.
    Excellent draw. I just finished a painting at the Beaconsfield Yatch club with Helmut.
    the boats were on dry docks and the complexcity of the hull is hard to capture.
    But the were not moving which made it easier to draw.
    Have a nice day.


  5. Ross says:

    Two for the price of one… great value.
    Nicely done! The water and the reflections of the red hull in the top one are great…it looks so wet! And you seemed to get all those complex shapes sitting so well on the paper.


    • Yes, two sketches for the price of one. I couldn’t resist staying a little longer to sketch an extra one. Hopefully there will be lots more boat sketching this summer.


  6. Ross says:

    Fine with me… stay long… post many.
    I liked the cropping in the second one… unusual.


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