Rockport warm up

It always takes me a little time to adjust to a place when I travel, to figure out the light, the locations, the wind, the temperature, the colours. But sketching in Rockport is like coming home. The first sketch always has to be the one from my window —the repeating motifs of lobster traps, little triangular roofs, buoys, pilings and boats. The light is changing fast at the end of the day but I had to get one in before darkness falls.

I also wanted to announce the winner of the draw for a free subscription to my Craftsy course. I’m sorry I couldn’t announce it sooner but I had no name, only an email address. Now that I have heard from the winner, I can say congratulations, Marie-Ange! I hope you are enjoying the class.


29 Comments on “Rockport warm up”

  1. Monique says:

    You are so talented..the details..lines..I just came back from Maine..But Cape Porpoise..Goose pretty!
    Congratulations to Marie ~Ange.


    • Marie-Ange says:

      Thank you very much.
      I like the colors of this quiet scene. I don’t know the Maine but I think it looks like some little towns on the coast of France, in Brittany or Normandy.


    • Thanks Monique. I love Maine too and have been to all the places you mention and sketched in many of them too. My first watercolour teacher took us to Goose Rocks beach to paint in the summer. I remember it well. We walked over to an island at low tide and stayed too long. Almost drowned trying to get back!


      • Monique says:

        Shari..where are there links for your Craftsy classes?

        Also..just watching the news..M.Jean Doré has passed:(
        How great you made him ahppy with your art while he was here.


  2. Stan Kramer says:

    By the way, the class is FABULOUS! Hope you do another someday.


  3. I absolutely love this, especially the thatched work on the boxes and the yellow hue in the sky. ENJOY every minute in Rockport with your groom! Jacques


  4. Linda says:

    What a lovely, lovely picture, Shari! Your scenes are never “fussy”, but the detail is amazing! Love the sky and the birds 😊


  5. mariancolman says:

    Shari I was in rockport today. My daughter lives in Essex. I saw your work in the windows of a shop on tuna wharf. I’ll be taking Tom Hoffmann’s class on the cape in August. I look forward to meeting you.. Enjoy rockport. It’s such a beautiful place! Marian

    Sent from my iPad



    • That’s so funny Marian. Too bad our timing wasn’t better. I was supposed to take that class with Tom but I will be getting back from Southeast Asia too late. Very disappointing for me! You will love it.


  6. Karen says:

    This is beautiful. Your Craftsy course is wonderful; just what I needed!


  7. Yay, Rockport! I look forward to this every year. I too spend my summer holiday on Cape Ann and love to draw it. Your paintings are truly an inspiration! Thanks!


  8. Melanie Lewis says:

    I have always wanted to watch you paint, I signed up for Craftsy class and am looking forward to it!


  9. Peter says:

    This is surely one of my favorites. It’s amazing the different thoughts and evocations a few lines and a little color can produce. LOVELY


  10. Myra says:

    So enjoy your posts !


  11. Marie-Ange says:

    I’m very happy to won and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the classes. The first pleasure it’s to choose and order the supplies.


  12. Jeff Gold says:

    Shari, you are a wonder. No doubt you traveled all day and then you come up with this, for me, one of your most interesting and effective of your compositions. I’m sure you couldn’t wait to get there! Beautiful pen work and the cool blues and purples make the yellows truly vibrate and the highlights are perfect. Have a great trip.


    • I’m touched that you thought about my journey in the context of the sketch Jeff. Yes, it was a tiring day I was just itching to get here and sketch. I didn’t have my little sketchbook in the car for the drive but I was happy to get settled here and pull out my paints. Even if I am tired this is always a wonderful way to relax.


  13. Joan says:

    Just beautiful! I’m taking your Craftsy class, it’s great to see you in action. Will you do another class on cityscapes/buildings? That would be awesome.


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