In full mist

I didn’t quite get to finish this sketch. What started off as cloudy turned to mist and then to real rain just as I was getting to the part of the picture that I was most interested in. Those pilings under the clubhouse of the boat club in Rockport are fascinating to paint. Mossy green, deep and dark, full of mystery. The reflection is also study in deep rusts and indigos but just when I was getting to that part, the rain sent me indoors. I hope to get out there tomorrow and have another look. It just might be that the dark will extend right down and off the page on the right side. Sketched on Canson Moulin du Roi hot pressed paper, 9″ x 12″, and photographed with an iPhone camera at dusk, hence the poor colour reproduction. 


9 Comments on “In full mist”

  1. Dee says:

    Those pilings were the first thing that caught my eye! Spot on in color. Great work and fun stimulation!


  2. Jeff Gold says:

    Too bad the rain interfered with finishing the drawing but I must say I’m kind of glad that it’s frozen where it is. It’s very instructive to see what it looks like at an earlier stage. I would imagine that you planned to add more darks and probably some pen line work on the buildings and pilings for more definition. The composition works very well for me as it is. I love the white rigging and lines off of the dock. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Rockport.


  3. Joe Fidler says:

    Wonderful drawing/sketch/watercolor! I have been following your work for the last year or so and can not wait for what you come up with next.
    Just finished watching your online course and. Could would highly recommend it to all. I hope you have another course in the works. Would love to see a bit more advanced course covering buildings, docks, boats and in town architecture. With great admiration,
    Joe FIDLER


  4. Monique says:

    I was away June 8th and missed the news re your Craftsy class..Just signed up!


  5. Joan says:

    You never fail to delight our eyes. Wonderful sketch/painting.


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