Sketching today ends with shrieks. No, not mine. But let’s backtrack a bit.

It seems like a good day to paint clouds. After all the rain we had in Montreal yesterday, the sky is fairly turbulent and I am in the mood to be near the lake. There’s a sailing lesson going on so my subject is pretty simple. The kids in the boats are making a lot of noise, I guess because the brisk wind has them moving around the lake a fair bit. As I paint, I noticed the pitch of their voices rising, until it becomes shrieks. What I can’t see — but they can — is a giant black cloud moving towards us and coming up behind me. They race into the bay for shelter and as the big drops start falling I am able to turn my painting over and get it back to the car. Five minutes later the sun is out again. From what I hear, that just about summarizes summer of 2015 in Montreal.


33 Comments on “Tacking”

  1. so nice Shari
    in three days I will be on the sailing boat… we will see if I can do something that could be so pretty????


  2. heatherdubreuil says:

    A simple scene, Shari, but so lovely and evocative of pleasant summer days. I especially like the effect of light on the water.


  3. Wayne says:

    Terrific Shari. Love the sparkling water. What paper did you use?


    • Thanks Wayne! I used Arches 140 lb CP but the trick with the sparkly water is to use a fairly dry mop brush and drag it over the surface of the paper so it just deposits paint on the hills and not in the valleys.


  4. rsorrells65 says:

    Shari, the water sparkles are my favorite thing about this sketch! But I also love the limited palette. Good stuff!


  5. Monique says:

    I was just telling Jacques..this is our summer of cloud formations..
    Gorgeous gorgeous Shari..Your clouds..the boats..the sparkles..
    My son-in-law just bought a sailboat..I should practice.


  6. Margaret McDermott says:

    Love this, what size is it?


  7. Lynn says:

    A fabulous WOW !


  8. Alberta says:

    You have captured a very special moment in time — everything about that painting is perfect. Wow!


  9. Arti mader says:

    I love how you captured the sun sparkling on the water. Just perfect!


  10. Dee says:

    You have gained total control of the medium….I am sooo proud of you!


  11. Shari, I love so many of your paintings, but this may be my favorite. Thank you for sharing! Sky is tremendous! I just love the whole composition.


  12. FLIshine3 says:

    We have had a summer of immense skies, as yours shows, and like I have seen recently while in the Charlevoix. Recently retaken up the pencil and ink and find your work inspirational. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Larry Goldfarb says:

    Wonderful, how do you manage to “dry mop” the water and dodge the sails?


  14. kasperart says:

    Marvelous painting!


  15. holmar58 says:

    Beautiful watercolour, I love the water scenes you paint!


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