Fox trot

I was out sketching in Lachine this morning when I noticed a fox trotting by on the other side of the street. It went one way and then came back, and finally settled across from me, partially hidden on someone’s driveway, for a very long time. I couldn’t figure out why it was hanging around and then I realized that it had likely been displaced from its usual habitat in the park nearby. There was a running race going on in the area — in fact the finish line was just down the street — and the neighbourhood was filled with runners, cheering spectators, police, and assorted others on bikes or with dogs and strollers. No wonder the fox was out of sorts.


7 Comments on “Fox trot”

  1. andre savard says:

    Shari, welcome back. Your street scènes are very interesting. Love them. You were not far from Mc Laughlin street. Yesterday alley is fantastic. Good perspective.


    • Andre, I knew you would know exactly where I was. I always think about you when I am in Lachine. Yes, I saw McLaughlin Street. Great little spot that I will sketch next time. Thanks!


  2. Ross says:

    Nice square format! A new sketchbook?
    Love the wires… always interesting how my mind usually blanks out all that aerial clutter when I am outside. (I think that I may have commented this before, but I can’t keep track anymore)


    • Thanks Ross. This isn’t a new sketchbook. I’ve been using this format for at least a year (I think this is my fourth filled book) but I often use both sides so it seems like a horizontal book. Yes, I love the square format.


      • Ross says:

        So… you love the square format… but use both sides to make horizontal format? Sort of defeats the purpose of having a square format book… doesn’t it?


      • Not really. Two formats for the price of one.
        Seems better than a horizontal book which would require me to tape off half the page to get a square format.


      • Ross says:

        That is so logical of you… I am impressed… and surprised.


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