My neglected garden

It’s back-to-school week, which means my daily sketching time is shorter. I can’t complain since my summer was full of marvellous travel and lots of sketching too. Today: only a quick one of some flowers in my neglected garden (another consequence of all that travel!).


17 Comments on “My neglected garden”

  1. TR Duncan says:

    Love this! ink first or last in the process?


  2. luisella says:

    Sometimes the neglected garden gives beauty immeasurable for those who can see. And you have been able to represent so much beauty to share with us all. It’s delicios! thank you!


  3. Ross says:

    Nice splatters… were they planned or unintentional?


  4. Carol says:

    I really love this!


  5. Flowers ONLY bloom in nice peoples gardens . . . bravo!


  6. Monique says:

    I have neverheard that quote it..
    You have had a memorable summer Shari! Your flowers look happy to me..what troppers these are in our late Aug gardens..


  7. Joan says:

    Even your neglected garden looks wonderful and I’ll take whatever you care to share with your blog followers. Any smidgen of a painting/sketch by you is worth looking at. So fresh and spontaneous this sketch.


  8. Lee Kline says:

    Ahhhh, those flowers coming in for a soft landing! Lovely drawing and just-right color.


  9. SandrG says:

    Happy celebrating Shari – tenure is always a cause to celebrate no matter how long the wait : ) Congratulations !!!! As soo many of your commenters have stated above, I love coming here and seeing ANYTHING you post – it’s always fun and/or refreshing to my eyes and puts a smile on my face – really – no matter what you paint/share – thank you : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA : )


  10. Julana says:

    You really have a way with choreography between line and color. Is this the Platinum Carbon pen?


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