In celebration

I didn’t have much time today but I had to do a quick sketch in celebration of a big event — after eight years of teaching I have tenure, and I think that is something to celebrate. In college terms that’s not a long time to wait. In fact some teachers still don’t have it after 10 or more years of teaching, so I’m not complaining. I am fortunate. I love my job, and I especially love working with college students, but I also appreciate that my work also allows me the time to paint, which makes me doubly lucky, don’t you think?


88 Comments on “In celebration”

  1. bmweeks says:


  2. ludo says:

    congratulations shari!
    what do you teach?

  3. Monique says:

    They are so lucky to have you!

  4. sandidureice says:

    Congratulations Shari. Your passion for teaching extends way beyond the college walls. Lovely sketch. Sandi

  5. Tony says:

    Congratulations Shari. Nice way to start the new teaching year! Lovely sketch too. Best, Tony

  6. Carmen Renaud says:

    Congratulations Shari.

  7. John Harris says:


  8. Jane Wright says:

    Congratulations Shari, do it as long as you love it.

  9. Margaret McDermott says:

    Congratulations, that certainly is an honour in this day and age, some people never get tenure!

  10. Sheryl Thurston says:

    Enjoy seeing your sketches! May I ask about the colors in this one? Are the pots done with quinacrodone gold? Did you use a green or mix your own? Your style is ‘right up my alley’ as we say in Indiana:)

    • Hi Sheryl. Thanks so much for writing. There’s no Quin Gold in this one. I used mostly Raw Sienna and Hansa Yellow Medium for the pots. With a little Violet mixed in for the shadow areas. Again the green uses Hansa Yellow, lots of it, with a bit of cerulean and ultramarine blue. I always like to share my colour recipes, if I can remember what I used that day.

  11. robynfrance says:

    Congratulations, Shari. I am taking your craftsy course (need to re-focus there) and you are an excellent teacher. Love your work. Celebrate bigtime!!!!

  12. SusanA says:

    Congratulations, Shari!

  13. Alana says:

    Congratulations, Shari! What wonderful news. I’m so pleased for you.

  14. Lynn says:

    Wonderful – and I feel quite lucky to receive your blog posts and love your teaching through the Craftsy site.

  15. Orit says:

    Wow! That’s great Shari. Congratulations!

  16. Daniel Dudovick says:

    Congratulations Shari. I hope this will allow you to continue teaching with Craftsy too.

  17. mjkelly790 says:

    Congratulations.!!! Tenure is a rare commodity. Celebrate. You are very deserving. 🎈

    Sent from my iPhone


  18. Donna Damm says:

    Congratulations. That is an honor and well- deserved. I admire your work, love your style and am thoroughly enjoying your online course. I am a wannabe artist, but find it a relaxing pasttime. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent.

  19. Sue Ferrell says:

    I agree . . . it IS something to celebrate!

  20. Liz Steel says:

    Yay! Congratulations my friend! That is so worth celebrating …but where is the cake??? (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) No seriously…. well deserved, I am super excited for you. You are certainly an amazing teacher and we are all so thankful that your job does allow you time to paint!!!

  21. Mary McLaughlin says:

    Congratulations Shari! You’re a fantastic teacher and they’re so lucky to have you! As are we here on your blog and in your Craftsy class.

  22. Leigh Youdale says:

    Congratulations indeed! No small achievement these days. Now something to share if you don’t know already. Daniel Smith have released many of their pigments (88 in all) in 5ml tubes in the U.S. And presumably Canada. Australia has to wait another couple months for their shipment to get here.
    Second, Rosemary & Co -the brush makers in the UK have released a really nifty and compact travel brush designed jointly by Jane Blundell and Malcolm Carver, both well known artists here in Australia. It’s a short haired dagger type and available on line in both 1/4″ and 1/2″ sizes. Liz Steel recently got the larger one, I just bought the smaller one direct from Malcolm. It’s a much easier to use and versatile brush than the larger long haired daggers and swords that have been around for a while. I’ve had a cheaper Art Basics brand for years after doing one of Macolm’s workshops but never liked the White Taklon fibres it was made with. The Rosemary & Co brush is more like a synthetic sable and lovely to use. The small one is ideal for small sketchers using 8×5 size books, and maybe up to around 10×7 or A4, the larger brush for A4 and above. As Liz is leading a Sydney USK meet up on September 5th no doubt it will get a workout then and maybe you can get a road test report from her.

    • Hi Leigh. Wow, thank for all the info. I did know about the 5ml tubes because I receive the DS newsletter. Great news since for some colours you don’t need the big tubes.
      As for the brush — guess what? I have already tried it. It’s wonderful. My friend Suhita had one (a gift from Liz, I believe) and she let me test it. I was just about to order one and I have the Rosemary site open on another browser window. That’s pretty funny. Thanks!!
      My report for the brush: excellent and really nice to use, especially for foliage and skies. I tired the 1/2″ size.

  23. Linda Daily says:

    Congratulations Shari! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Our eldest son is on tenure track but has to finish his book. He seems like he has been working on it a very long time!

    • Great to hear from you Linda. Tenure is a little different in colleges in Quebec than it is in universities.. It has more to do with how long you teach in a full-time post, but you have to wait for someone to retire for a spot to open up. Fortunately I didn’t have to publish any books. I wish him luck.

  24. Mary Catharine says:

    What wonderful news Shari! Congratulations, they are so lucky to have you as part of their faculty.

    Mary Catharine

  25. Lyn Seley says:

    Congratulations, it does not surprise me that this happened for you. You are an inspiring teacher and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you.

  26. cyd1057 says:

    Hearty congratulations! Tenure is a BIG deal; good for you!

  27. Congratulation Shari
    But… What is tenure? 😉
    And what is exactly your teaching job?
    Where? Whom?

    • Tenure means that I am a permanent teacher instead of one who has to sign a contract every year. In my case it means job security. I teach graphic design in a three-year career program for students who learn print and web design. And I teach at a college in Montreal.

  28. maria513340 says:

    Many congratulations. Many thanks for sharing your good news with the world. I always enjoy your blog and through it I am yours craftsy student too.

  29. Congratulations ! It’s great news !

  30. george smith says:

    Congrats Shari. You are doubly talented, doubly dedicated. and doubly determined. Everyone sees this in you. The tenure committee obviously had an easy decision to make.

  31. sarag says:

    Woo-hoo. What a wonderful day with such great news!

  32. Trevor Travis says:

    Congratulations Shari. They obviously realise how lucky they are to have such a dedicated teacher. We all wish you the very, very best. What a wonderful start to a new year for you. Thank you for sharing the news with us and celebrating it with such a lovely painting

  33. They should have given you tenure after eight days . . . BRAVO Shari !
    Love, John

  34. Elke Attal says:

    So happy for you, Shari. Well deserved!!!

  35. Tom Jump says:

    Congratulations Shari! I am sure you bring the same passion to teaching as you do to your paintings with the students being the lucky beneficiaries! Way to go!

    As always I’ve enjoyed your paintings all summer- looks like you had loads of fun!

    Take care, Tom

  36. Fern Logan says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment! Your students and the college are especially fortunate in having you on their team. Cheers! Fern

  37. s beneross says:

    Congratulations on being granted tenure, Shari! You are an excellent teacher and it has been recognized:) Sandra B.R.

    Sent from my iPhone


  38. Jay Vance says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!!
    I just retired from teaching.
    Jay Vance

  39. Alberta says:

    Congratulations, Shari. Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher. I can say that as one who learns so much from reading your blog every day.

  40. Louise says:

    Congratulations. Shari! What a wonderful year this has been for you and for us as beneficiaries of your talent, inspiration, energy, and love of sketching. You make a difference in the world. I’m sure your influence has been life changing for many. Best wishes for another successful year ahead.

  41. Nathalie says:

    Congratulations Shari. And a long life sketching.

  42. Joan says:

    WOOT! Big congratulations to someone so deserving of tenure. That’s a fabulous way to begin the new school year. I eagerly anticipate each of your paintings/sketches on this blog, you never disappoint. It’s my dream to paint like you do one day. I took your Craftsy class and loved it. What an excellent teacher you are! I wish you all the best in your life as well as your career.

  43. carolyn says:

    Tenure is NOT easy to get these days! A BIG congratulations!! Doing what you love makes working fun!

  44. Kristine says:

    It’s so inspiring to see your posts. I look forward to them. For this particular sketch what pen did you use that it doesn’t seem to run after you apply the watercolour. I tried various pens many years ago but I always had that problem.

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