Purple door

There are three much-photographed Victorian houses on Carré St. Louis. You’ll even see them in the Wikipedia entry for the square. One has red trim (here is the door I sketched a few years ago), one has teal blue trim and then there’s my favourite —the purple house. Since we’re having some kind of September heat wave in Montreal, I took a little time to sketch that house today. It’s especially nice in the morning when the sun travels across the door.


34 Comments on “Purple door”

  1. Dee says:

    A favorite!


  2. I adore your rich color and perspective, your lines and touch.


  3. Ross says:

    I a-door this!


  4. Donna Damm says:

    You sure know how to put those shadows in. I find that so hard to do.


  5. Louise says:

    Shari, Would you post a few words of guidance sometime for achieving shadows while maintaining the original color of the subject. Do you just use the color without diluting it and reducing intensity? I love Victorian houses. Wish I could have a peek behind this fabulous door. I will look up the entry you posted.


  6. Louise says:

    Found these articles about your Victorian houses of interest. Bless the people who restore and maintain these houses. What treasures.




  7. holmar58 says:

    Beautiful vibrant sketch…I love they way you have done the shadows!


  8. Rene Manning says:

    Me gusta mucho ver este tipo de trabajo. Felicidades.


  9. Rene Manning says:

    Siempre veo todo lo que envían. A veces no lo leo por no tener tiempo pero siempre lo veo. Gracias.


  10. Linda says:

    Love everything about this. The shadows on the door, the steps, the bushes- need I go on? This is truly a gem!


  11. joantav says:

    Beautiful door! Love the shadows and the play of light.


  12. Linda Daily says:

    I love that shade of purple! It looks so fresh. Not the easiest color to get right but you did it.
    I always thought it would be fun to do a series of doorways. I’m sure you have plenty of interesting ones in Montreal.


    • Hi Linda. It’s always great to hear from you. In case you are interested, it is Phthalo blue and Quin Rose that makes that wonderful purple. I discovered it by accident recently and I love it.


      • Linda Daily says:

        Thanks for the color combo Shari. I’ll give it a try.


      • Lee says:

        How sychronistic. I’m just starting to sketch and explore WC and I am taking Kateri’s WC class on Craftsy and these are the 2 colors she suggests for purple. I saw this picture and was captivated by the purple. Yes! And this led me to this site where I find your Craftsy class at a discount. Woo hoo!


      • Lee, this is so great. This is a combo I have discovered only recently and I like it a lot. I hope you love my class and so happy you found the discount code. Hope to see some work that you post.


  13. Barbara Beynon says:

    I was just going to leave a comment and ask how you mixed your perfect purple for the door and my question was already answered–in the comment just before mine! I really like this sketch. Ditto to what has already been said.


  14. I’m so happy to read that you will be doing another online course soon . I’ve always been fascinated by the way you create interesting shadows in your sketches . Really looking forward to joining 🙂


  15. Mary McLaughlin says:

    Just LOVE this one! the colors, the shadows, the perspective, the combination of the geometry of the structure with the loose softness of the flowers. A real winner – I’m looking forward to this lesson in your next class!! Can’t wait!


  16. Alison says:

    Yup. It really is all about cast shadows, eh? Plus, of course, the skill to render them in a lively and evocative way. Love it! It really captures the spot and the moment.


  17. Lynn says:

    Beautiful painting – can I be purple with envy? And how fabulous you are doing another class – YIPPEE ! ( I don’t think I ever used that word before – but perfect.)


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