Me and my Sharpie

Me and my Sharpie went out today to draw some people. It’s been a long time since we’ve done this, and the exercise was painful. We haven’t been keeping in shape and it shows. We parked ourselves across from the weekly market where people come to collect their vegetables, hoping that the slowly moving line of figures would help to work out the kinks between us. After about thirty minutes things started getting better. The hand loosened up, the lines were more fluid, and the ink started flowing. We agreed that this would be a daily encounter for the next little while.

MarketFiguresA MarketFiguresB MarketFiguresC

17 Comments on “Me and my Sharpie”

  1. Gayle says:

    Great “People in action” sketches! It’s a brave thing to capture directly with pen. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Dead Shari
    I enjoyed your little story about you and your friend Sharpie! Strangely, Danny Gregory wrote a similar post recently. Not that he hadn’t been drawing people enough, but that he hadn’t been drawing anything enough.

    It’s interesting how similar your re-aquaintence process descriptions were. I’m by no means accusing either of you of plagiarism!!! Don’t get me wrong. I was just fascinated that the human brain seems to work the same way in this kind of situation.
    Ps. I also enjoyed your figures. Now figure drawing (in urban sketching context, or any context) is something I have not tackled .at all. But I will have to someday. I have signed up for Marc’s Craftsy class as a beginning.


    • HI Jess,

      I did see Danny Gregory’s post and thought it was funny that we were going through similar situations. I think we all go through these periods where we have less time to draw, for so many reasons. In his case, he seems to be busy with many projects. In my case, it’s the start of a busy school year. The important thing for me is that I keep coming back to my drawing, even if it for only a few minutes each day during busy periods.
      You should definitely do Marc’s class on people drawing. Especially since you were at a market recently. Think of all the figures you could have drawn there.



  3. Ross says:

    Great little studies… but the grammar! No, no, no… “My Sharpie and I”. : )


  4. rebecca says:

    Well written post! made me smile….


  5. Really cute post and wonderful sketches!!! Waiting for more! 😊


  6. joantav says:

    I love all the poses…especially the lady bending down by the box. Your idea of sitting across from the weekly market is great, because you have a constant flow of people who stay for a few minutes.


  7. Louise says:

    More inspiration reminding us to practice and sketch in the moment. Thanks!


  8. Lynn Holbein says:

    I adore it when artists better than I am admit their vulnerability! It makes doing art feel so much more accessible. I’m going to the airport tomorrow — a good place for trying people studies.


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