Newly shorn

Argh. It started off as a perfect view of a yellow building in sun and the rest of the street in shadow, and I had one hour of sketching time before heading off to school. I finished my drawing just as an SUV pulled up and blocked my view. Yikes, I should have known that would happen. I spent a moment debating the situation. Draw the car or ignore it? I looked for the driver to see where he was going and spotted him ducking into a barbershop. That meant at least 20 minutes of painting time for the car. Fortunately for me my estimate of the barber was quite accurate and I had plenty of time to paint the car before the newly-shorn man drove off. LakeshoreMorn

9 Comments on “Newly shorn”

  1. I love your stories and scenes, and dedication to doing these regular watercolor sketches.


  2. Monique says: made it work!
    Saw the ad for the exhibition in our local Journal:)
    Well done!


  3. Patti says:

    Love seeing your Pointe Claire Village scenes, they make me homesick, I lived on Pointe Claire Ave. in the fifties. Have you ever painted ” The Black Cat”. (Westmount Florist Building now)?


  4. Great rescue! The purple shadow zing against the yellow. I came to the post thinking… She doesnt normally paint sheep! Ha!!


  5. Rene Manning says:



  6. I love the good placed shadows…


  7. joantav says:

    Looks like you timed it right! Love your shadows!!!


  8. mmhill72 says:

    Great choice–really like what you did


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