Colour shift

Autumn has shown up late this year. Normally by the end of September the trees are bright yellow, but with the warmer than usual temperatures this month, we are only just now seeing the slightest softening and shifting of the colours. I sometimes use my blog archives to look back at weather in previous years and indeed, the trees had definitely changed by this time last year.

This morning Urban Sketchers Montreal met at the Atwater Market. A big group of us sat across the canal to look back at the city and enjoy the perfect day. I spent the morning drawing and talking. Apparently too much talking because I didn’t notice that I had painted shadows coming from both directions in my sketch. But that’s ok. We had so many new people coming out to join the group that it might have been one of our biggest groups ever. Quite amazing to see. As always, the group is open to everyone and there are often visiting sketchers. Today we had a visitor joining us from Yorkshire, England.

And in case you are interested, I just noticed that there’s a weekend sale on all online classes at If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the new class from Marc Taro Holmes called “Travel Sketching in Mixed Media“. I’ve been watching it and it’s full of wonderful techniques for pen drawing, ink brush sketching and watercolour washes. Well worth the money, even at full price!


15 Comments on “Colour shift”

  1. holmar58 says:

    Hi Shari,
    Here in Northern Ontario, we had an amazing weekend. You are correct about the later than usual autumn weather…the leaves have just started to change here …I am enjoying your class on Craftsy …and this weekend I signed up for the two classes given by Marc Taro Holmes as well as Gay Kraeger’s class on Illustrated Nature Journaling. I am so happy to be able to take classes online with such wonderful and talented artists. I admire you all very much.


    • Hi. The weather and the light is spectacular here too. I wish I could have been out all weekend. So glad you took advantage of the Craftsy sale to sign up for all the classes. I just noticed the nature journalling class too. I guess it’s fairly new. Enjoy them all!

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      • holmar58 says:

        Next time I am in Montreal, I would love to take a live class with the UrbanSketchers Montreal group..or perhaps just watching you guys in action!


  2. It was my first time with Urban Sketchers… and definitely not the last one. Being new in the world of sketching, I found it quite stimulating, motivating and lots of fun to see the sketchers open their books and share information. Great day ! Thank you !


  3. susancooke says:

    Hi Sheri,
    Had a wonderful time being out and sketching at the market today. The mountain is still so green but I did spot a touch of gold. Could you post what blue you used for the pedestrian bridge?


  4. joantav says:

    We haven’t had any real color change here in NY yet…and our sketching weather has been great too. Nice city sketch!


  5. Marc Lépine says:

    Strange day. Marc Taro and you,… and me also, did lots of talking, less drawing! Too much sun and warmth, maybe. But I think I enrolled a few new members! We will see next month.
    It’s the first time I notice your French is so good! I will continue to practice my English,… it’s my monthly chance to do it!
    And you problem with shadows,… the only one I noticed who did the same mistake is… Sisley! So, take it as a glance of genius instead of a mistake…

    Marc Lépine


    • I loved seeing your Utah sketches Marc. It was a very sociable day, I noticed. It must have been the warm temperatures. Thanks for the recruiting!! And the nice words about my language skills!


  6. What a great way to spend the day – with fellow sketchers! Love your city scene!


  7. Denise says:

    Lilou, tu y es allee?




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