Less than perfect

There’s a trend now to market ugly fruit and vegetables. You know, the ones that are misshapen, lumpy, and often discarded. I think these apples might be from that section of the store, but that makes them more interesting for drawing, doesn’t it? This is a continuation of my experiment in a limited palette of Cobalt Teal, Quin Gold and Permanent Alizarin Crimson. I still haven’t used up the blob of Teal that leaked all over my palette, but I am enjoying these experiments so much that I have a feeling I may continue this long after the pigment has been used up.


12 Comments on “Less than perfect”

  1. Carolyn Fitz says:

    I enjoy your blog and paintings greatly! Maybe the ” teal spill” was serendipitous…? A gift , to let you make discoveries!?


  2. Shari this oen really strikes me. Sweet, simple, lovely!


  3. Francisco Garcia says:

    so cute, but I can’t zoom in!


  4. joantav says:

    The teal works so perfectly in the shadows!!! Nicely done!


  5. Jeff Gold says:

    Shari, the brushwork on the apples is so beautifully efficient and effective! What masterful handling. The feeling for the reflected surface light on the apples and the transparent shadows are remarkable. It’s all so fresh and direct. Love it. Brava, once again!


  6. tmikeporter says:

    I agree, Shari, that veges and fruits are more interesting to draw and paint when they are ripe, very ripe, even nearly spoiled. The English artist, Ed Wesson, liked to paint flowers on the downside of the bloom with petals falling onto the table top.


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