Strike day

The teachers in Quebec are on strike today — at least a lot of us are who work in public schools and colleges. I did the morning shift on the picket line and of course brought along my sketchbook. It was mighty cold out there at that hour but the sun was shining which made it a little more tolerable. Time does NOT pass quickly on a three-hour picketing shift (especially when the temperature is just above freezing). One of the other teachers said it must be how students feel in a three-hour class. I’ve never been on strike before. It’s a noisy affair. Strikers blowing noisemakers and sympathetic drivers honking their horns as they pass on the road. Another day of strikes tomorrow…


10 Comments on “Strike day”

  1. joantav says:

    Good reportage sketching of the strike. I hope it has a good effect for the teachers.


  2. Jeff Gold says:

    You participated in an important and revered democratic tradition. The ability to strike for better conditions is a hard-won right. Good luck and best wishes to you and all the teachers. And I love the drawing-very good composition and the red bits give it a rhythm that makes it sing.


    • Thanks for the encouragement Jeff. At this point in our semester a strike is very disruptive, as you can imagine. When the students miss this many days, they lose all the momentum of the course. And when you lose their attention, you lose everything. It’s hard not to be discouraged.


  3. Monique says:

    My daughter was in the ranks..
    Bon courage.. so many different opinions on this..and many other issues..
    Great work!


    • Thanks so much for writing Monique. You are so right about all the different opinions. A strike is hard on everyone — teachers, students, parents with kids in these schools… I wish your daughter luck too.


  4. What a nice sketch. I’m sure it’s very boring but necessary sometimes! good luck tomorrow.


  5. Terry Lindsay says:

    Any reason for the fact that the strikers are all in somber grey…and the signs are grouped wonderful…another GREAT sketch…way to go Shari !


    • Great to hear from you Terry. I think most of the strikers are in dark coats because it’s the start of winter and most overcoats are dark. It was a sunny morning and they were backlit so everyone had a dark coat on, even if it was blue or orange. They all looked dark to me.


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