Too cold

It’s too cold to garden today, and definitely too cold to sketch outside, but I did both. I’m moving some perennials around and before they get planted in their new places in the beds, they had to be dug up and potted temporarily. I didn’t have enough pots to put them in, so a friend suggested garbage bags (which worked really well!). At the end of all the gardening, I dug out my sketchbook and tried to paint the plant chaos, but on a day like today (it’s about 10°C, but so windy that it feels much colder) the paint doesn’t dry. I had to come indoors halfway through to warm up and let the first wash dry, and by the time I was done my fingers had turned blue from the cold.


15 Comments on “Too cold”

  1. M. L. Kappa says:

    Still,came out nice! Lovely little painting


  2. And yet, your sketch is beautiful.


  3. Great painting! I would have sneaked back in much earlier after taking a photo as a reference. You are brave.


  4. Liked your wording “dug out my sketchbook…” And don’t you love painting clay pots? Best wishes for warmer gardening days ahead!


    • I do love painting clay pots Jean. And I see on the weather site that many warm days are ahead… Good thing these are hardy perennials because this morning it’s snowing. Can you believe that?


  5. Tweela says:

    Lovely, lovely greens!


  6. Judy Sopher says:

    I am having similar problems but more with the wind and rain. BTW my first try outside didn’t last long due to a persistent bee. Your paintings are always an inspiration to me.


  7. monique says:

    And too windy! Yet a perfectly painted potted grouping..BRRRR….


  8. Lynn Holbein says:

    I’d love to see one of these plants in process. Particularly the layering of local color and then the darker shadows. Is there a Craftsy video of yours you would suggest to watch this process?


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