East Block

I spent a little time in Ottawa today, sketching East Block, one of the three main buildings on Parliament Hill. As I came to discover, it’s a challenging building to paint. The exterior is Nepean Sandstone, and although there are lots of intricate details on the copper roof that were fun to draw, the stone itself is quite heavy and dark. I tried to suggest it with a combo of line and wash, but it required several layers of paint to convey the solidity of the structure. Many moons ago, on a school trip to the nation’s capital, I visited the Parliament buildings, but I don’t remember much about their history. It took a little searching on Wikipedia to discover that East Block has remained relatively intact since its original construction in 1866. It’s open for tours in July  and August, if you are interested.


16 Comments on “East Block”

  1. Laura says:

    What color paints did you use for the roofs….so pretty. It’s a very nice sketch!


  2. Lovely painting, enjoy seeing how the rooftops and windows are gems of color next to the solid walls. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Beautifully done. You have done a superb job in capturing this historical building. congrats.


  4. Louise Boyer says:

    Nice details, the roof tops are very nice, and the color of the windows,


  5. Janice Kly says:

    Good job from an Ottawa resident who saw the building in an artistic expression that’s very excellent.


  6. Monique says:



  7. Connie Renaud says:

    What a beautiful interpretation. Thanks for sharing.


  8. walfischbucht says:

    Good work! And it brings back memories of a visit there (huh, thats decades ago now … time really flies).


  9. Bernadette says:

    I could eat your paintings, your watercolor sketches and drawings. They are so lovely, so exquisitely done. You have mastered a difficult medium and made it appear… easy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. I appreciate it so very much.


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