Brush shapes

If you have a brush with a decent point on it, try painting shapes with no pencil lines. It takes some careful observation and a wet brush. If you start light and keep the shapes wet, you can go back into them and add darks or bits of other colours. Look at how shapes combine and overlap and try to get the values right in the first pass. It’s a good exercise for practicing your brush work.


23 Comments on “Brush shapes”

  1. GilZarins says:

    Yes! This is brilliant!


    • Gil, always great to hear from you. Thanks so much! I actually started a larger painting with th peonies but the composition was not successful so I ended up doing this…


  2. E. Bancroft says:

    Perfect timing — I just got my first petit gris and tried it out last night for the first time — what a treat! Reading this today feels quite serendipitous!


  3. This is fabulous, Shari! Going to give this a try. Thanks so much for this exercise! 😃


  4. M. L. Kappa says:

    Yes! I do that sometimes- you’ve inspired me to try again


  5. Right now I’m in love with my new rosemary dagger brush and I will try your exercise as soon as the housework is done… housework is completely overratet:-)


  6. Judy Sopher says:

    Is a dagger brush worth buying? I don’t think you used one in your 2 Craftsy classes. I do like this “exercise.” . There is an incredible amount of variation in what looks like a simple painting.


  7. andycjackson says:

    Excellent idea, I’ll give this a try soon, health permitting !


  8. Marion Hodge says:

    I really like the look of the plants. I like how you introduced the plants to the page immediately with colour, rather than mapping them out first with a pencil. It’ s like you are letting the subject know you have the confidence in it to present itself appropriately on the page without any pre-instruction.


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