Winooski Historic District

Before the start of my workshop in Burlington, Vermont I thought I should probably do a warm-up sketch. I haven’t drawn all week and thought I might be a bit rusty, so I stood out on the river walk in historic Winooski and sketched a view of one of the old mills before heading off to teach. This is my favourite sort of subject. Brick industrial buildings, sharp ledges of rock, churning water and ominous sky. Of course the old mill buildings now house upscale restaurants, vegan cafes and yoga studios, but the exteriors are as interesting as they must have been during the heyday of lumber, cotton, wool and flour production. 

8 Comments on “Winooski Historic District”

  1. Beautiful work Shari!


  2. Soni says:

    Oh wow, Shari, that’s just glorious !! You’ve made me feel I’m there – again. I’m loving the churning waters in the foreground set against the rocks and old mill.



  3. GilZarins says:

    This is such a good reference to study the scene and your interpritation in the sketch, again so much skill, beautiful!


    • Thanks so much Gil. I do this type of thing on Instagram but not so often on my blog. Glad you found the reference useful. It’s always interesting for me as well, to see what people were looking at when they were drawing.


  4. monique says:

    Such a familiar sight:)


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