The North End

This was sketched as a demo for the workshop I gave in Boston last week. We stood on a corner of the Greenway and looked down Hanover Street into the North End. It’s a pretty busy corner for teaching —  traffic going by, music from a Boot Camp class blaring a little distance away, and the cacophony of fruit vendors at Haymarket right behind us —  but that setting is what urban sketching is about. The view was perfect for what I was trying to teach (simplification of a complex scene) but about halfway through the sketch there was a thought bubble over my head that read something like this: “What am I doing standing on a hot street corner in Boston trying to shout over all this noise?” Many thanks to my patient group of students who watched and listened and tried to learn something despite the distractions.


15 Comments on “The North End”

  1. nancydwight says:

    My old neighborhood! I know that corner. Now a real challenge in the summer. Good for you.


    • It must have looked very different (and much darker) on that corner before The Big Dig. I remember going to the North End years ago and it wasn’t half as nice as it is now. This is the first time I see the Greenway too. It’s quite an amazing city park but of course since I was teaching I didn’t get to see much more of it than a block or two.


  2. Dee says:

    Your color continues to get deeper and richer… it!


  3. Linda Murray says:

    Mmmmmmm, all those lovely colors! Such a pretty summer picture!


  4. This is lovely, Shari!! 😍The details are awesome. I know I’ve followed you long enough I should probably know this, but what colors did you use to mix your grays on that post in the front right? 😊

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  5. Alison says:

    I need this workshop. Though my surroundings these days are anything but complex! I had a good chuckle picturing you with that thought bubble. Great sketch! So much depth and sense of the place.


  6. Noémie says:

    I absolutely love that’s style of watercolour painting 🙂 it’s my favourite, spontaneous and full of life!


  7. Bravo! I can almost heart the mother calling Antonio to come in to eat for Prince spaghetti day.


  8. dianegklock says:

    Loved watching you do this , thank you for a wonderful workshop.


  9. monique says:

    The cars alone are unimaginable for me..gotta go through your course again..soon.And seeing through the lampost light:)


  10. Mary says:

    Shari – Amazing as usual! Could I ask you what size this page is – what size is your sketchbook? I have often wondered.

    Thanks for sharing – you are inspiring!!!


  11. Theresa Chruscinski says:

    This watercolor just sings Shari. The noise of the city is poetry to your brush!


  12. Gary says:

    “Simplifying a complex scene” that’s got today be a craftsy’s what’s you do so well!what the rest of us struggle with !


  13. Oh how lovely! I can tell exactly where it is 🙂


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