Over the water

Knowing what Irish weather might be like, I picked accommodations with water views so I could paint in the unlikely case of rain. In Cahersiveen I had a perfect setup. A window full of clouds and an ever-changing view of what my hostess called “over the water”. I tried to paint what I saw in front of me. Bits of farmland, islands, clouds and some houses in the foreground (which the hostess suggested I leave out), using a muted palette for the foggy day. When the painting was done, her husband (who is an amateur historian and a bit of a sailor too) identified the bits of landmass in my picture, “Viking burial ground over there, ring forts that way, Church Island in front of Beginish Island, standing stones on top of that hill…” It’s a fascinating place in so many ways and in these few days going around the Ring of Kerry I’ve only just seen a fraction of the mountains and bays and towns and ruins that there are to be seen. I hope to come back soon. 

32 Comments on “Over the water”

  1. bmweeks says:

    Love that sky!


  2. anne farmer says:

    Love the big sky!


  3. TR Duncan says:

    Lovely! I’m enjoying that Shadow Green and where you have let it cross into other mixes!


  4. rdm823 says:

    Quite evocative. Ignoring the houses was good advice.


  5. M. L. Kappa says:

    I think you’ve captured the mood of Ireland perfectly


  6. SusanA says:

    I love the atmosphere of this sketch. I’m really enjoying seeing Ireland through your eyes. I’ve never been, but you make me want to visit!


  7. WOW!!!! That sky!!!!!


  8. Linda Murray says:

    Love it, Shari!


  9. Soni says:

    This is stunning – your Irish shop was adorable, too. And I love more history quickies with your paintings. I’m putting Ireland on my bucket list.
    What size WC paper are you using ?


  10. divegroupie says:

    I love this. Just beautiful.


  11. I am seeing Viking dragon ships in the shape of those clouds!


  12. rosjenke says:

    Fabulous paintings. I’m really enjoying your journey and seeing through your artists eyes.


  13. themhbd says:

    Beautiful sky! What pigments did you use?


  14. Chris Rusk says:

    So dramatic. Really nicely done. Cheers, Chris


  15. I love that moody sky! Well done…and you got a bit of history too.


  16. Carolyn says:

    You should contact the tourist office! Your art is so enthralling it makes one want to visit all those wonderful places. So enjoying seeing your work! As always…..


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