St. Stephen’s Green

After the quiet landscapes of the west coast of Ireland, Dublin is a bit of a shock. Crowded, noisy, and of course beautiful too, when you find the right places. Like in any big city, parks are my oasis of calm when I need a break  from the crowds. I didn’t have to venture far into the depths of St. Stephen’s Green to find some drama. Pigeons fighting with gulls over the breadcrumbs tossed by tourists. Their squawks were almost as noisy as the buskers and hawkers on Grafton Street. I don’t sketch birds very often, but I couldn’t resist trying to capture the battle scene. 

13 Comments on “St. Stephen’s Green”

  1. angmacleod says:

    Shari, every Sunday Artist display their work all around the Green. Hope you get to see it! Dublin was our home for three years! 💞


    • Hi Angie,
      Thanks for that! I never made it back to the park because we left for Manchester, but it’s something I’ll take note of for next time. It must have been quite an experience to be in Dublin for that long! Hope you’re having a great summer.



  2. Tony says:

    As you say Dublin’s pretty ‘full on’ after last week’s pretty villages and greenery! If you get time, I think you’ll like the Castle Gardens … peace and quiet despite being central and plenty to sketch. London for me tomorrow …. Pete Scully’s St Paul’s Cathedral / Wren’s churches sketchcrawl 🙂


  3. keviv says:

    Excellent sketch!


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    Lovely and interesting. But what are buskers and Hawkers? Where is Grafton St.?


  5. A wonderful painting!


  6. wendymuldon says:

    Your painting does capture the moment! Love those shades of green and the way the water reflects. Enjoy Dublin!


  7. They get so aggressive when it comes to any morsel of food. Great lively colors and super reflection!


  8. monique says:

    Great !
    I love it w/ the birds in the foreground.


  9. gaelle1947 says:

    So vivid and lively. You rock Shari!


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