Lunchtime panorama number 10

I’m not really sure how many times I’ve painted this panorama of Montreal from a window at school. I’m guessing about 10, so I used that in the title. It’s at least that many, if not more. This is a view I can only paint it in the late fall and winter when the leaves have fallen from the trees and I can actually see the mountain. Every year as the branches grow, more and more of the view is obscured, and eventually I’ll have to stand on a crate to paint it, but it’s a place I love to set up at. Besides the window ledge that is perfect to paint on, the nearby stairwell makes it a great spot for students to gather, so I I end up spending some time chatting with anyone who looks over my shoulder.vanierpanorama

4 Comments on “Lunchtime panorama number 10”

  1. Jean A Paterson says:

    Thank you for this scene, with St Joseph’s Oratory on the right side to orient me. I have been away from my hometown for about forty years, but I thrill to see this landmark view.


    • That’s exactly the view I had Jean. I am painting looking south towards the city so the Oratory is on the right and Université de Montréal on the left. Not the usual view you get from downtown. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been back in so long. It’s still a great city.


  2. Joan T says:

    What a lovely view!!! And being able to paint it from inside is a definite plus. I guess that’s a benefit of the trees losing their leaves. The students must love finding you at the window painting. Nicely done!


  3. Andrew Zakovorotny says:

    I wonder how can you express so much with such a simplicity?!!!
    Waiting every morning for a new post from you!


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