A new spot

For years it’s been a running joke in the comments area of this blog that all I do is sketch my wheelbarrow but never use it to haul stuff in the garden. Not true. I move it around, occasionally. Yesterday I put it to good use to move some river rocks from one place to another, but it was so rusty and squeaky that it quickly went back to its corner, albeit to a new spot leaning up against the shed instead of the oak tree.

We’ve had so much rain and cold weather this week in Montreal but the sun made an appearance today and I was SO happy to be outdoors that I just kept sketching outward from the wheelbarrow, right across two pages of my sketchbook. Looking at this scene with sharp and quite dark shadow areas, I was more interested in capturing values than colour so I worked in a limited palette of Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson and Hansa Yellow Medium. It’s amazing that with only these three primary pigments, I can obtain the secondary colours that I want — the bright greens of the spring trees, the orangey rust of the wheelbarrow and the purple of the shadows on the shed. I’ll be giving a demo of this primary triad at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago this July.


32 Comments on “A new spot”

  1. Richard Lee says:

    Geez Shari, your wood looks like you could actually drive a nail into it.


  2. Interesting detail and texture in this sketch. Very nice


  3. TonyU says:

    When I get time I’m going to research which has appeared most …. the wheelbarrow or Alice. Meanwhile I’ve made a mental note (again) to work more with just three colours.


  4. Dee Ludwg says:



  5. Dee Ludwg says:

    Oh, I forgot to tell you about my artist son’s book…Jewels in the Junkyard. He illustrated it and it sells on Amazon. Take a look when you have time.


  6. Gaelle1947 says:

    It’ll be a sad day if ever you decide to put that old workhorse down! We’ve all grown so attached to it LOL! It may not be able to carry rocks, but man! it sure carries a lot of inspiration.


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Another wheelbarrow hit. The color looks like it is getting brighter. I love your comments on a limited palette as it is my goal right now.


  8. andre savard. says:

    Finaly this wheelbarrow is enjoying some sun. The wole scene is vibrating with the light.


  9. Phil Eversman DDS says:

    The next time that you sketch the wheelbarrow, sketch a can of WD-40 along with it. Maybe that will help!😃

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  10. Chris Rusk says:

    Really nice. You’ve captured the light so well.


  11. So much harmony it sings!


  12. tracyfair@videotron.ca says:



  13. Monique says:

    Moi..j’aime tes brouettes!

    The weather is awful..ok today nice..but for the whole month so far?
    My garden is way behind..

    however…peanuts compared to all the floods.


  14. Diane says:

    Beautiful! Ok, i love the wheel barrel – we all need a little oil after the long cold winter. Will you paint the area you put the lovely river rocks?? Thanks for sharing all you do, it helps. God bless.


    • Thanks so much for writing Diane. In answer to your question, I won’t paint the area with the river rocks because it’s at the side of the house on not very pretty. But I will certainly be painting more in the garden this summer.


  15. joantav says:

    Your rusty wheelbarrow has such character, and looks great in this new spot. Love the shadows and the texture of the wood.


  16. I like your wheelbarrow’s new resting spot. I’ll look forward to the seasonal series of this scene (grin).


  17. Mary P says:

    I know this wheelbarrow needs a little love. But I will certainly be painting more in the garden this summer.


  18. I know this wheelbarrow needs a little love. I know this wheelbarrow needs a little love.


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