Boat club

The boats at Pointe Claire Yacht Club will soon be in the water, judging from the amount of activity in the boatyard. Since I am not a sailor, nor a member of the club, I contemplated looking at the club’s website to see when launch day will be. But I stopped myself. I prefer to show up one day and be surprised to find them moored to the docks, all gleaming and polished and waiting to be painted (or sailed).


19 Comments on “Boat club”

  1. Jeff Gold says:

    Beautiful color and a very convincing reflection on the water. The composition, as always, is very satisfying and the values, including those dark finishing touches, make it sing in the sunshine.


  2. Bernadette says:

    Such a beauty…so simply stated, so fresh and clean! It is simply scrumptious, good eanough to eat! Thanks for sharing.


  3. ksbeth says:

    Really pretty


  4. Denise says:

    Love the blue boathouse! Looks like a touch of the tropics in Montreal! Thanks for sharing your fabulous work:)


  5. beautiful: the brown against the teal in the water and the subtle use of different blues on building and rail. Your work is an inspiration.


  6. Irene Miller says:

    Beautiful as always, Shari! Congrats on reminding us that summer is coming soon! My husband Jack took sailing lessons here. We both anticipate your sketches every day. I am a subscriber to Craftsy and I love your lessons. Please continue this wonderful blog as we all enjoy your creativity.


  7. timdada says:

    Prefer to be surprised? Another example that all great artists possess a tinge of dada in their approach.




  8. Judy Sopher says:

    I have sailed only twice but that was some time ago. However, I love sailboats so I love your paintings of them. And I ditto Jeff about the beauty of the reflections in the water.

    Shari, what mixtures of black are you using? I tried a painting with the triad of Hansa yellow light, cobalt blue and quin. rose. But I couldn’t get a dark hue from this . The painting you did with your similar triad shows a very dark-or black-color. Thanks.


    • Thanks Judy. Glad you like it.
      In answer to your question, I don’t use black. I mix the darks in my palette. An example would be Alizarin Crimson and Phthalo Green. Put those together and you will get a great black!


      • Judy Sopher says:

        I have used that mixture-learned from you.

        So my question is-when you describe a trio of colors, are you only listing the colors but also use a mixed black? Maybe I should have realized that. I take things much too rigidly. Thanks.


      • HI Judy,
        I thought you were asking about this one and the darks I used here. When I paint with that triad I can get a very dark colour because I use pure pigment with not much water in it, but it is not as dark as what you see here which has Alizarin and Pthalo Green in it.
        This one was not a limited palette.

        I hope that helps.


      • Judy Sopher says:

        Don’t know how I wrote on this post but you are right. I was asking about the limited palette of three. It was about St. Joseph in the Sun. So-no mix of black in it? Thanks for your patience with me. It has been a mixed up morning in many ways .


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