Laundry day

After a long winter, any opportunity to observe a bit of light and shadow outdoors, even on laundry day, is welcome. The two blue shirts were great fun to sketch, because of the movement, the stripes and the shadow shapes. It almost made me want to do more laundry, just so I could hang it up and watch it dry. Sketched in a Handbook Travelogue Watercolour Journal.


7 Comments on “Laundry day”

  1. Judy Sopher says:

    Wonderful. Complete with clothespins. Love the shadows. I don’t have a clothesline (Nor clothespins) No matter what–I never want to do more laundry. I notice that you said “almost.” Ha.


  2. Claire Russell says:


    I emailed you a couple weeks ago about my disappointment concerning the yellowed pages in my Handbook Journal.

    Have you had this problem with any of your Handbook Journals?

    I sent a letter to the company Global Art Materials with a photo of the wide yellow border around all the pages. I told them that this should not happen with acid-free paper and asked that they refund my money. I just received from them another Hand Book journal, no letter of apology, and $1.58 due in postage!

    I guess that’s something anyway.

    Claire Russell

    See my latest paintings and projects:



    • Hi Claire,
      I must have missed your comment. Was it on the blog? I never saw it. Or did you send me an email?
      I have never had that problem with these books, at least not in the watercolour version. The other version (coloured fabric covers) which I use for drawing are made with a yellowish paper to begin with, but you are talking about the watercolour version with the linen cover, right? I have used over two dozen of these books and never had a problem. At least they sent you a new one. Too bad there was postage due!


  3. Trevor Travis says:

    Great painting Shari. I have never seen two shirts with so much personality! Great fun to look at. Has really cheered up my day and such a beautiful painting. Only you can express the joys of Spring sunshine with two shirts.


  4. Marylin Smith says:

    You must be the only person in the world who can make something as dreary as the laundry seem interesting! Great painting!



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  6. jmnowak says:

    And I bet the shirts smelled wonderfully fresh after their day in the sun! I love that smell. 😎


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