St. Joseph in the sun

I love working with triads of primary colour because of the harmonious mixes you can get. Here’s a new triad of colours I’ve been testing out for painting brick — something we have a lot of in Montreal. Start with Quinacridone Rose and Azo Yellow for the reddish colour of the brick. The yellow adds a nice glow to the areas in sun. If the mix is too rosy looking, add a spot of Cobalt Blue. As you move into the shadow areas you want that warm reddish colour to move towards a cool colour, so add some more Cobalt Blue into the mix. It worked really well for my favourite row of buildings along Boulevard St. Joseph in Lachine.


19 Comments on “St. Joseph in the sun”

  1. nelvanl says:

    What a terrific triad. And a gorgeous sketch.


  2. nikkidowd says:

    I love this, Sheri! Please visit us in Austin!


    • Thanks so much Nikki! I would love to visit Austin. If you have a group of sketchers and want a workshop, just let me know. I will soon be planning for 2019, and we can add Austin to the list!


      • nikkidowd says:

        If I can get the number you like to have as a full group – what month could you plan on and what would the cost of the workshop be? You can send an email to me at

        I do have a group of sketchers that I can send information to. Just forward the information to me. Thank you!

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  3. jansiking says:

    I love this wonderful limited palette!!!


  4. Alison says:

    And it produced a lovely violet for the roofs. It too mention the spark of green on the bins. Great sketch, so evocative of this part of Montreal.


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    Don’t have azo yellow.Can you suggest another that is close?

    Love how you can paint a row of buildings almost the same color and each is an individual. Any tips on this? I know you taught to change the color as you go but I can’t keep it that subtle and still effective.


    • Azo Yellow is a cool, transparent yellow. Another one I like that is close to that is Hansa Yellow Light. As for the colour of the buildings, I keep the same base colour mix but add a bit more red or a bit more yellow as I go along. That way the colour is generally the same but a little bit different over each building.


      • Judy Sopher says:

        Thanks. Do have that and will try the triad. Amazing no. of colors can be made with just three.


  6. andre savard. says:

    Amaising, I just finished a 8*10 oil painting of the same scene except looking east.
    I like it. Good work


  7. lindywhitton says:

    love the clean colour mixes.


  8. j says:

    Wonderful color combinations!


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