What the rain did

We’ve had a few turbulent days of rain — roiling clouds and dark horizons across the lake — but the forecast for today said nothing about precipitation. I set out with no destination in mind, but a dramatic sky caught my eye and I parked near the lake to sketch. As I painted, all caught up in blues and masts, I didn’t notice the weather darkening until drops of water plopped onto my palette and my paper. Fortunately I like what the rain did on the paper (and this doesn’t always happen) as it speckled the wet washes on the trees, giving them a little texture that I didn’t have to create with a brush. Sketched in a Handbook Travelogue Journal on a cold day in June.

7 Comments on “What the rain did”

  1. Nel says:

    You’ve captured the weathery feel and the bit of chill in the air. I can feel it!


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Another great boat scene. All those masts–they almost look alive. Do you live close to this lake? I would love to live by the water-especially in Maine. Thanks again.


  3. Bernadette says:

    It’s a keeper! The simplicity is what I admire most. To the untrained eye, that sounds as if it is easily done….but it is only easily done…..by a skilled master painter. Thank you for sharing. Your work is a joy to view.


  4. Lynn Patten says:

    What a beautiful painting to start my day!

    Actually, I seem to have been dropped from your email list, along with 2 other accounts I follow, and knew you’d have posted in the 2 weeks or so I hadn’t heard from you. Maybe the new email regulations stuff?

    At any rate, I’ve re-subscribed and also wanted to let you know about a book I think you’ll enjoy very much before your Provence workshop this summer. “Lisette’s List” by Susan Vreeland and set in Roussillon, France – the ochre capital. Set during WWII where a young Parisian winds up living during those years. I got the audio version from my library and it is pure pleasure.

    As always – thank you so much for sharing your fabulous work.


  5. joantav says:

    Lovely…and a little cooperation from Mother Nature.


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