The Littoral Zone

The littoral zone is shallow area along the shoreline of a lake or pond that supports a diverse community of plants. These plants serve as habitat, food and protective shelter for native wildlife. I read all of that on a sign.

It’s pretty windy for sketching in open areas today, so I found a sheltered spot while riding my bike along the Pond Apple Trail. The pond I sketched is a habitat for alligators, and there are warnings all over the place, although not one appeared while I was there. There was an otter that popped its head out of the pond though, which was pretty exciting, and made me think that this will be a good week for wildlife spotting.

When I’m moving around on my bike I take a very small kit with me: my small Cocotte bag filled with two water bottles, a few pens, several travel brushes and my small Fome palette with 23 colours. On this trip I forgot to bring my folding stool so I’m always looking for somewhere to sit which is why this spot was ideal. The picnic table was perfect for sketching and I knew I would be able to quickly leap on top of it if an alligator showed up.

14 Comments on “The Littoral Zone”

  1. Frank Bettendorf says:

    Don’t tempt fate! Frank

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  2. gaelle1947 says:

    I’m checking closely your great sketch for signs of a discretely submerged alligator…oh wait..are two little peering eyes just above the water line, on the far right about two-thirds of the way down??? Phew – you finished that one just in time! Enjoy a safe and painterly southern vacation.


  3. Catherine Moore says:

    Oh my goodness, you are in my neighborhood! Love all the pretty Sanibel paintings you’ve been sharing.


  4. Soni says:

    You do know gators scurry up to 33 mph or so, right ? & they sneak up on very focused Artists

    but, hey, enjoy your wildlife painting spots


  5. Hi Shari, this sketching spot sounds pretty wonderful but please sit on top of the table to begin with and not on the bench! I live in Cape Coral, not too far from Sanibel island, and there are stories in the news periodically about alligator attacks and how they just come out of nowhere and super fast. Not to scare you too much, just enough so you sit on top of the table.

    Thank you for posting the link for the bag, I’ve been looking for a small one and this one looks very manageable and practical.


  6. I sincerely hope you will not need to do any leaping! Just painting.


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Had to laugh-Katerina-sit on the table next time. I like to watch golf and at times they’ll be playing at a course with an occasional alligator sleeping along the water. Some in the water. The golfers seem to ignore them. I don’t think I could. Nor go on painting. Do get up on that table.

    Enjoy seeing your travel paint kit. I’m traveling vicariously through your paintings.


  8. Looks like you are enjoying your time. Good move using the picnic table as a possible refuge from an alligator.


  9. joantav says:

    You would hop on top of the picnic table and then sketch the gator. lol I think they move faster than we usually give them credit for. Love the shallow area with so many variations of texture and tone.


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