Small Sanibel sketches

When I travel for extended periods of time my sketchbook is the keeper of all the memories, not only of big scenes that I see but also lots of small things like flowers and food. I took a little tour around the complex where our rental unit is and found all of these beautiful blooms. Drawing these is easiest when standing, and when it’s time to add colour, I clip my palette to my sketchbook and dip into my water bottles that are in my bag. It makes quick sketching really easy but you need a bag that has a flat bottomed pocket to hold the bottles.

I also did some people sketching on Bowman’s Beach today. I like to capture these poses quickly, either directly with a brush (on the left) or with a quick pencil drawing first (on the right).

15 Comments on “Small Sanibel sketches”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Shari, I really enjoy your sketches (and classes!) and your posts – thank you for sharing the water container’s “secret”! I have the “Fred” style bag from Cocotte (one size up from your Frida). I wonder if the Frida has a different bottom because Fred’s bottom is flat but soft, so unless I have a lot of stuff in there or cram a jacket inside to brace a container, I cannot imagine a water container staying up in there! It must be the bag size. I think Fred is perhaps too big! I might have to get a Frida 😁 Thanks!! And have a wonderful New Year!


    • HI Yvonne, My husband has the Fred bag too for his laptop and it is shaped quite differently. On the Frida bag, the bottom seems to be wider and it has a fantastic inside pocket that holds two small Nalgene bottles. That is the secret. If I had them loose inside they would certainly flip over but having the pocket makes all the difference. Unless of course you bend over when the bottles are open like I did the other day! So you might just have to get this bag. It also has a back pocket that holds my iPad mini. I can stuff a lot in there! You have a great New Year too, and thanks for writing.


      • Yvonne C says:

        Ah-ha! I will put the Frida on my list of “wants” – one cannot ever have too many sketching bags after all 😇 Thanks!!


  2. joantav says:

    I like the way you did the flowers in a way where they extend past their boundaries. Nice people sketches. You got great results both ways!


  3. Underhill Tony says:

    Love the flowers. But feel for the people … away on holiday, on the beach and thinking it was safe to breath out!


  4. Fun in the sun! I’m happy for you. Today I could have painted the view using only Payne’s gray.


  5. Love the flower layout, and great tip about drawing them while standing, it gives a top down view with all the petals and leaves breaking out of the straight boarder. I will definitely have to try a version of this soon.


  6. Shari—are you staying at Sanibel Moorings by any chance? It’s a beautiful place surrounded by a certified botanical garden.


  7. Bernadette says:

    Such great sketches! I can’t decide which I prefer, the flowers or your people on the beach. Thanks for the inspirations to keep painting.


  8. I hope that my poetry captures images as well as the ones that live in your sketchbook.


  9. Judy Sopher says:

    Always love your work. I could never work standing anymore. Actually I never could. I do love that bag! Do you leave the bottles standing open in the bag while you use the water? If so, doesn’t harm the bag?


  10. Brenda Staresnick says:

    Cool Beans!!!!!!!

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  11. NativeGifts says:

    Recently i have my phone/camera and with the nature and designs, i am collecting pics to write a story about or add to the designs i have. love my career.

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