Snow in summer

So pleased to see the August/September issue of International Artist magazine with my step-by-step article about painting snow scenes. It was a lot of fun to break down my painting process into steps, and since this is a topic I never cover in workshops (can’t fit everyone in my car!), I was happy to have the opportunity to write an article about it. Available on newsstands now.

31 Comments on “Snow in summer”

  1. Kathy Noble says:

    Absolutely NO ONE can paint snow like you can, Shari, and with just a few strokes of color! I will for sure get a copy to save!


  2. Suzala Suzala says:



  3. Wow!! Awesome… and Thanks so much!!!


  4. I receive International Artist digitally. What a pleasant surprise to find your article. I can feel the chill in the air just looking at your sketches.


  5. This is wonderful – you must be very proud!


  6. I am so pleased for you to be featured like this. And the fortunate readers who get to see your process.


  7. Denise says:

    What a valuable resource your article is sure to be! Running to the store now to purchase a copy. After a July of record breaking heat, I can use some “cooling off”!


  8. sue fenyvesi says:

    Well this really is awesome Shari, I love that magazine. Glad to see others can see your beautiful work.


  9. Cindy Cali says:

    Congratulations!! Well deserved…. Bravo 👏


  10. Beautiful Montreal. Such a unique city. I was up in the Place Ville Marie Observatory on Saturday, and could see St Josephs Oritory, The Harbour, The Champlain Bridge, The Big O, which surprisingly didn’t crumble as I looked at it, Habitat 76.


  11. Lisa Daniels says:

    Shari— saw the article while I was in Croatia— A friend had the magazine on her boat—it was amazing! You are an authoress!!


  12. Good Morning dear friend Shari,

    Absolutely awesome.
    Please publish those three images on first 2 pages in full scale, instead as looking from the book. They look quite natural as original scenes.
    Regards and blessings.


  13. TonyU says:

    Congratulations Shari. A great showcase for your wonderful skills.


  14. Linda Starr says:

    lovely snow scenes, there is a plant called snow in summer, Cerastium tomentosum, which looks like snow when it blooms with its white flowers


  15. Great article! Your watercolor samples add so much to the visual part of your presentation. Congratulations on the publication of your inspiring article.


  16. Catherine Moore says:

    Picked up a copy of International Artist over the weekend at Barnes & Noble. Lots of great information on how you achieve such fantastic light and shadow. And though I know you work in your car a lot during the winter months, it’s nice (reassuring) to know that you also use your phone to capture information that you take back to your studio. This time of year in Florida, I have been finding it very uncomfortable to work in the heat and humidity, so I am so much more comfortable finishing a painting in the comfort of my studio. Looking forward to your Ft. Myers workshop in December!


    • HI Catherine. I’m glad to hear that you were able to find the magazine in the store. Lots of people had trouble getting a copy. I take lots of phone photos to use a reference, both when I am travelling and when I’m home in the winter. I think the reference image for today’s painting of Silver Creek comes from my phone photo. Looking forward to Fort Myers too!


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