What’s in the basket?

Every summer I participate in a CSA basket program from a local farmer. This week the basket was so plentiful I had to sketch it. Doesn’t seem like that much on the sketchbook page, but there were so many tomatoes, cucumbers and squash that I couldn’t draw them all.

This was a quick sketch because I was hungry and wanted to turn some of this into a salad. I worked directly in watercolour (no pen or pencil) with a small Sennelier set I have been experimenting with lately. It’s a tiny box of eight pans that showed up in my goodie bag at the Urban Sketchers symposium in Amsterdam.

I’ve never really used Sennelier paints but I am really loving these vivid pigments. From a quick read on their website, I can see that they contain honey, which makes the half-pans very creamy. Tomorrow I’ll post some of the other direct watercolours that I painted with these pigments.

12 Comments on “What’s in the basket?”

  1. Rita Cleary says:

    Shari….a word of caution. Because the Sennelier paints contain honey, they absolutely draw BEES when you’re using them outdoors! They are lovely, creamy paints. I was out with a sketching group last year with a small set like you’ve just described, and of the entire group, I was the only one bothered by the bees. Turned out I was the only one using Sennelier.


    • Rita, thanks for the tip. I have the same problem with M. Graham paints which are also honey based. I do a lot of swatting but I really like these so I will try them outdoors and see what happens. I used them in Amsterdam and did notice a bit of buzzing around my palette!


  2. Kathy Noble says:

    Wow…they really ARE vivid and yummy looking pigments! I actually went to the Senellier shop on the Loire River in Paris years ago. It was a magical experience, like stepping back in time, to the point that I was incapable of purchasing a thing….drawers of PIGMENTS!


  3. Donna says:

    Great color and I’m sure a great salad…..best way to get really fresh stuff is with a CSA unless you live next to the farm stand. So these paints don’t get hard because of the honey?


    • Donna, I have only had the paints for a few weeks but from what I read they stay creamy and rewet really well. Only time will tell. As for the CSA basket, it is the best way to get fresh stuff. I have been a customer for at least ten years. It’s nice to see them succeed in their business, get married, have kids, etc. We are like a family.


  4. Hareitte says:

    What a delightful little sketch- light and v bright!


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    Love these freehand paintings. (You called them sketches. ) So fresh. I have that little set of Senneliers and I liked them so much, I bought a larger set.

    I haven’t used these outside yet but I did have a problem with a persistent bee with Graham paints.


    • I think both of these brands are a problem when you use them outdoors. I seem to do a lot of swatting when I’m using M. Graham colours, and I think I have been stung in the past. We’ll see what happens with these.


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