Pilea peperomioides

Today’s inspiration comes from my friend Lapin in Barcelona. A few days ago I saw his delicate watercolour sketch of a Pilea Pereromioides (Chinese Money Plant). I’ve tried several times, unsuccessfully, to paint this same plant in watercolour. Today I gave it another go, this time in gouache on hot press paper.

Thanks so much to everyone who wrote in with your good stories for my last post. I haven’t responded to the comments yet (working on another video!) but I will soon, and I will also do the draw tonight and announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow. Stay healthy and keep drawing!

19 Comments on “Pilea peperomioides”

  1. karim waked says:

    Although not as abstract or more realistic as his work, this one reminds me of Matisse somehow..
    I love the different greens in opposition with the dark background and the light in foreground.
    Lovely Ma’am!

    514 9944433


  2. Denise says:

    this Is such a happy looking picture. Looks like you had fun painting it, I hope!


  3. Linda Murray says:

    I can almost feel the texture of that clay pot, really nice. And the shadows of the stems and leaves- great job!


  4. Stephanie Descoteaux says:

    It’s soo beautiful!!!! I love it .


  5. joantav says:

    I like the light and dark greens on the leaves and stems. Great!


  6. Chris Fitzgerald says:

    I especially like the shadows on the table surface that make that yellow pop. Do you always prefer hot-press for gouache?


  7. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Morning friend Shari,

    Vert beautiful and I have one in my house with same colored brick colored fiber pot.



    • Thanks Uma. When the isolation period is over I need to get out to buy a new clay pot for the little baby. It is getting big and needs its own home.

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      • Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

        Good Evening dear Shari,

        Yes they grow very big and some grow so big the leaf sizes to a big saucer.
        Among Hindus, this plant is considered Divine.

        This plant is considered as the incarnation of Goddess Maha Lakshmi(Goddess of Wealth and prosperity)

        And if some one asks for an offspring of this plant, they look in to an auspicious day, preferably only on Wednesday and Sunday, even looking in to stars and Grahas and not on all the days, especially Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.

        They also take adequate care in seeing to it that their feet will not and never come in to contact with the pot.

        In general Cement pot is ideal but Clay pot is the best with a plastic water collector at bottom as shown in your sketch.

        Also many people grow them in bottles. That restricts the growth of the plant.
        The same plant if planted on the ground with in month it grows vigorous and that gives a prosperous sign.

        This plant produces lot of Oxygen, absorbs radiation, reduce stress, eases sleeping disorders, keeps the brain cool and and prevents from going in to arguments, brings lasting friendships and keeps indoors pollution free.

        But make sure under any circumstances don’t keep it in the northeast corner in a sharp angle or corner. This reduces and prevents anxiety and mental stress.

        There is so much. And when grown in a pot, one must see, if there is enough room for it to creep and let it go out the windows opening. Also watering is to be taken care.

        Lot of care needs to taken and attention to be paid.
        Hope I am not boring you, but must need to know this as it is required.

        Blessings -Uma


  8. toddpop1 says:

    This has kind of a Matisse cut-outs quality to it… Very nicely stylized!

    It’s fun to watch you play!


  9. mcammeehan says:

    Very rich colour and composition draws me in.


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