Unscheduled outage

There was an unscheduled power outage in my neighbourhood this morning. Poof, just like that, on a beautiful sunny autumn day, my studio went dark. Luckily I had some fresh ballpoint pens on hand, a sketchbook at the ready, and a seat at the window. There’s nothing like having a little unexpected break for drawing.

I haven’t drawn with a ballpoint in a long time but I loved the scribblyness of it, and how much fun it is for building up tones. It’s quite forgiving, for an ink pen, since you can start quite light and layer the lines. I thought it might be nice to take it along to the next life drawing session, but the city has put that on hold, like all other recreational and sports activities. I had a feeling this would happen one of these days with our new Covid restrictions. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

11 Comments on “Unscheduled outage”

  1. To yU says:

    Guess the life class closure was inevitable but so pleased for you that you had such a great session last time out!


    • It was inevitable Tony, but yes, glad I had one good session. I am going to go back to life drawing online, which will suffice for the moment. Nothing is like the real thing, but drawing people online is better than drawing no people at all!!!


  2. Sabiscuit says:

    Lovely sketch, Shari. The ballpoint (?) pen was a great choice. The blues in the ink really popped in this.


  3. Carol Cooney says:

    I like it, looks pretty darn good tome.


  4. Good sketch with the ballpoint pen. I’ve never really sketched with one, but some people (you included) have done really nice work with them. Since it is Inktober maybe I should give it a try. Sorry to hear about your life drawing class…but it was sort of expected.


  5. Tracy says:

    Oooooo, I really like this Shari! It’s a reminder that it doesn’t take a lot of fancy supplies to create something beatiful 🙂


  6. Nice drawing, you really captured the tone.


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