First blooms

While I was in California the first crocuses popped out of the ground and bloomed. When the sun came out today, I ran out there with my easel and a few tubes of gouache (which I haven’t used in ages) to capture their beauty. I should have been raking last year’s oak leaves instead but I couldn’t resist the little purple flowers, and of course that raking can wait until later.

I was trying out a brand new pad of Hahnemuhle Toned Watercolor Paper, which I suspect I will use more for gouache than for watercolour. It has a beautiful beige colour and a slightly textured surface, and when I’m working with gouache it’s always nice to start with a toned surface so the the whites really stand out.

20 Comments on “First blooms”

  1. lois says:

    I think brown and purple is my new favorite color combination. Beautifully captured, Shari.


  2. Charles Friedman says:



  3. Ah gouache welcomes you back :). Lovely choice for the crocuses (croci?) Shari.


  4. beth says:

    i love this color combo


  5. Gretta says:

    Absolutely beautiful! So vibrant on the toned paper!


  6. larkintn says:

    I’m fascinated at how you captured the leaf detritus in the background- that is always beyond my skill set! Oh, and new thinking is to not clear out the old leaves until nighttime temperatures are 50 degrees Fahrenheit consistently- little critters, including those that turn into buttery, need that cover!

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    • That’s good to know, about the leaves. I usually don’t pick them up too early because I try to protect the perennials, but I had no idea about the little critters. Makes sense, of course.


  7. Lovely capture! I’m glad you didn’t miss them…and yes, the raking can wait.


  8. Betsy says:

    All these posts and sketches are just great! And as always, a calming refuge from the horrors everywhere for a little while.


  9. Barb says:

    That’s really beautiful. Love the toned paper, too!


  10. Laura Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing about the paper. I really like its influence on your resulting painting.


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