Pen envy

Ok, I’m guilty of buying something I didn’t really need. I certainly have enough pens — dozens of markers, dip pens, fountain pens and other assorted drawing tools — but I saw my friends using a Kakimori dip pen in Instagram reels, and I had to have one. Call it an early birthday gift to myself, which is easy to justify since I do have a June birthday.

The pen arrived today, in its beautiful packaging. The brass nib in a tiny grey box with a debossed imprint for the logo, the wooden handle in a long box, and the pigment ink in a square box. All as beautiful as Japanese packaging can be. So beautiful that I’m tempted to save the boxes too.

There are no assembly instructions for the pen. Insert the nib in the handle, dip in the ink and draw. And draw is what I did after seeing the beautiful thick and thin lines this pen can make in drawings from Suhita, Paul and Paul.

21 Comments on “Pen envy”

  1. Jean says:

    The lines are expressive and the subject, as always, is very appealing!


  2. Karen Geraci says:

    Guilty pleasures💕😂😂. Where did you purchase this pen? If you show it off you have to share…lol


  3. Linda says:

    ❤️ nice pen, nice drawing! 👍


  4. De says:

    Well, we never know which is the “just right pen” until we test them all. Looks like it makes great lines at your direction. Happy early Birthday!


  5. Ruth Johnson says:

    Happy Birthday Shari, enjoy the glorious Month of June! The dip pen looks interesting and fun! Looking forward to more of your art, especially the Old Lachine , and Pointe Claire
    areas as I grew up and lived in Quebec for 20 years.. Old Montreal and the Westmount areas are also so inspiring and fun!
    Thanks for your tips and travel inspiration.
    You make plein air painting so fresh and easy to try, even though it is an artist’s challenge to be outside our studios! Lol
    Have a great summer..! 😊


    • Ruth, thanks so much for dropping me a line. Your favourite spots are my favourites too! You are reminding me to get out to Lachine to do some sketching very soon! I hope that wherever you live now, you are getting out to sketch too. I know it’s hard to push yourself outside of the studio. I have that problem too but I make a special effort to get out these days, especially when the weather is nice. Our summer is so short!


  6. Hee, hee… when I first saw this pen (in Paul’s posts I think) I wondered how long it would be till you got one! It is such a beautiful object. The packaging you describe is worth keeping!
    Lovely drawing. Is it my imagination, or are the marks just a bit more gestural, or calligraphic, or something?


  7. Yvonne Carpenter says:

    Great “self-gift”! i am trying it too, but i got the stainless steel version. It appears the SS makes thinner marks and the brass one makes thicker marks, although they can both make marks of different widths no matter what? I just got mine yesterday, and with the 30×30 Direct Watercolor challenge, not sure when i will actually make a sketch with it other than playing around. Looking forward to seeing your sketches with it!


  8. Carol Drummond says:

    lovely. Yes, save the box. Im sure it is a work of art also. 🙂


  9. Looks like it makes really nice lines in a variety of widths. I’ll have to check it out! My thought is definitely keep the box and packaging.


  10. susie langley says:

    Love your drawings of Alice!


  11. Sue Ferrell says:

    I had to go to the Kakimori site and I admit the pens are jaw-dropping. I thoroughly enjoyed “window shopping” and resisted the urge to but but I made a note about the pens if I get the urge again. Another nice drawing of Alice!


  12. Sue Ferrell says:

    So sorry for not checking spelling before posting—resisted the urge to “BUY”


  13. Cindy Cali says:

    I loved this pen and nib the minute I saw Paul Wang use them! I did not not need another art tool either, but I have one now! I bought the stainless steel version and I love how light weight it is to use. I love gifts to self 🙂 Beautiful sketch of your dog…..Happy Birthday Shari!


  14. mcammeehan says:

    NICE pen, how much are they? Just curious


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